3PL Inventory Management

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Modern logistics operations are fast-paced with tight deadlines. Many 3PL providers also service multiple clients, each coming with their own needs and specifications for shipments. With so many factors to align and organize, effective inventory management is crucial to the success of 3PL companies.

At Finale, we provide instant inventory updates with cloud-based 3PL inventory management software. Our software compiles all of your company’s inventory information and stores it on a secure online database. You can monitor all of your inventory from one browser, and we even alert you via email when the supply of one product is running low so that you know to reorder soon.

What Is a 3PL Inventory Management System?

A 3PL inventory management system is the way you keep track of all of your inventory. In other words, it’s knowing how much you have of something at any given moment. Finale’s inventory management software takes all the stress out of organizing 3PL inventory by doing the bulk of this work for you.

Finale’s inventory management system houses all of your data together on one database accessible only to authorized personnel and allows you to monitor stocks in real-time. This gives you complete control over your supplies and increases your ability to meet your various clients’ billing, shipping, labeling and reporting requirements.

There are numerous benefits to implementing Finale’s structured inventory management system in your 3PL company:

  • Warehouse Management: Finale’s software makes centralized inventory tracking simple by automating the data collection, tasks and reporting, saving you time and money with increased accuracy and efficiency.
  • Multi-location inventory management: If you have multiple warehouse locations, Finale has multi-warehouse inventory management software that allows you to coordinate inventory shipments. It also lets you track the movement of products between sites and check the updated stock levels across all locations with ease.
  • ShipStation integration: If you are already using ShipStation to sync all your customer’s orders, you can integrate Finale to receive more detailed tracking updates on individual items without making changes to your existing software. Finale is designed to easily keep track of stock for each respective customer’s inventory while you’re fulfilling multiple orders across each customer.
  • Barcode scanning: Finale’s barcode scanning technology allows for quick, intuitive organization and higher warehouse productivity rates, and higher picking accuracy to ensure the correct items are picked for each order.

How Finale Can Improve Your 3PL Warehouse System

Finale’s advanced inventory management software can drastically increase your 3PL inventory control, raising productivity rates and customer satisfaction. Our cloud-based system offers a simple solution to optimize your inventory organization efforts by compiling your data and making it all accessible from one browser.

We also provide world-class service and focus on making your transition to using our software a smooth one. We assign our clients a customer relationship manager, who is in charge of consulting, training and customizing our services to meet their company’s specific needs.

Additionally, we offer a free trial period, complete with complimentary consulting and training.

Choose Finale for Your 3PL Inventory Management System

Our experienced domain experts will work with you to create a solution that fits your specific business needs. We make it easy to get started, and our paid services operate solely on a month-to-month commitment, allowing for plenty of flexibility within your inventory management plan.

You can request a live demo or sign up for a free trial today to get started with Finale Inventory.

Benefits of Using 3PL Inventory Control