Creating a Purchase Order Using Reorder Feature

Using Finale’s reorder feature, Finale allows users the opportunity to streamline and automate their reorder approach, creating purchase orders specific to location or supplier based on reorder inputs established by sales velocity or manual entry, ultimately keeping the focus where it matters: on your business. 

Please keep in mind this article is specific to creating purchase orders. If you want a more in-depth lesson on our reordering settings, please click here for more information.

How-To Video

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Brandon Galusha with Finale Inventory. In this video, I will be demonstrating how to create purchase orders using our reorder feature.

To begin, I want to show you the reorder settings at the product level. As you can see, navigating to the product detail screen of a particular product, Finale offers several different approaches to reordering.

The manual reordering system allows you to input your reorder threshold, your max order to quantity, and even specify a reorder and quantity of amount, which for example would be the value that you would enter if a supplier requires you to purchase the product and then refined quantity like a pack of seven.

Finale also offers a sales velocity option. Finale will calculate the reorder point threshold based on the quantity sold over a defined time period. This option, as you can see, also allows the user to manipulate the reorder settings a bit further as there are more input options.

Please note that each of these options is specific to the location level of our Finale hierarchy. Lastly, Finale also offers supplier specific settings, which will enable you to segment your reordering strategy a bit further.

Please keep in mind this video is specific to creating purchase orders. If you want a more in-depth lesson on our reordering settings, please click here for more information.

For the purpose of this video, I’m going to now navigate to the reorder screen. As you can see, there are several setting options allowing you the opportunity to manipulate orders suggestions by supplier and by location. If I filter the view, you can see how that impacts the suggestion in the Create Purchase Order button.

From this view, you can see in this location, I have an order suggestion for product ID H0003. I currently have one unit available at this location, and the reorder threshold is three units, thus resulting in a reorder variance of negative two units. This triggers a reorder suggestion of nine units building back my inventory to reach the reorder point max of 10 units.

To create a purchase order, click the blue button. From here you can use a system generated ID, or you can enter your own order ID.

This will create a purchase order populating that reorder suggestion to the screen as well as any other information that had been previously established by supplier or purchase destination. Please note that this was populated in an editable draft mode, allowing you to edit the PO prior to committing the order.

If you have any further questions about our reordering feature, please visit the Help Center or submit a service request for a finale team member to further assist you