Light Manufacturing and Assembly

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Light Manufacturing Builds

Finale makes it quick and simple to create finished products by using the Builds for Light Assembly or Manufacturing feature.  Finale Inventory’s Build module extends the end-to-end processes with specialized capabilities for manufacturers, wholesale distributors and others that need to assemble products or perform basic manufacturing activities to fulfill orders.  This feature is ideals for customers who need a more straightforward way to track finished goods without the complexity (and cost) of a full-blown ERP system.

Within Finale, you will create Bills of Materials (BOMs), which will track the inventory items needed to build completed goods. A bill of materials is simply a very specific shopping list that tells somebody elsewhere in the company exactly what to purchase and how much.

Online Manufacturing Bill of Materials (BOM) Cloud Software

Stone Glacier uses the builds operation to assemble their premium ultralight packs.

Stone Glacier uses the builds operation to assemble their premium ultralight packs.

For example, the BOMs for a door would be made up of wood, hinges, and glue. As you build the finished goods, Finale automatically deducts component items from your inventory and alerts you when it’s time to re-order, or when there aren’t enough components for an assembly.


Full traceability

Finale has Builds that allow for full traceability of the finished product if lot id or serials numbers are assigned. Every build is securely stored, and the critical data is immediately accessible whenever you need it.

As an illustration, you’re an electric bike manufacturer, and you assign unique serial numbers to each bike. For each electric bike assembly, Finale archives the builds including components and the lot id of the components.

When a customer contacts you about a bad battery, you are able to quickly look up the bike by serial number and look up the lot id of the battery used in the assembly. If you get a couple of bad battery reports of the same batch, you will able to contact the manufacturer and get replacement batteries for all the electric bikes with that batch.

Utilize either "build to order" or "build to stock"

A Build to order system is essentially a pull or on-demand production and inventory system which aims to produce and deliver products only on customer demand. This system can also be viewed as a Just in Time production system which aims to operate on the principles of lean manufacturing, delivering components or products just in time when they are required thus eliminating wasted time and movement. This means that the end consumer dictates when and what products will be produced. A build is created from when a customer order is received and confirmed.

Build to stock is an inventory management model in which the production department or factory manufacture or plan production to fill up a warehouse or finish goods store until it is full regardless of consumer demand or preference for product lines.

Regardless of the inventory model, Finale can support either or a hybrid of both.

Tutorial video

Have multiple builds?  Learn how to bulk import builds.


Finale has been a perfect solution for our growing business.

”Our business manufactures items that require assembly and kitting. Finale's ability to manage and track each component individually as well as when complete kits are sold is very advantageous for our business. As well, the ability to synchronize inventory and transactions through our multiple sales channels allows us to rely on Finale as our single inventory management system. Lastly, the ease of use and set up has been refreshing as we were able to get started within a few days and training employee's is a breeze. ”

5/5 Stars

Jeff Sposito
Stone Glacier
May 5, 2018

The customer service is excellent! You can easily reach and get a response from a real person.

”Finale really helps create more organization, structure, & efficiency to our inventory supply chain. The company has been great working with another vendor or ours to seamlessly integrate our CRM system. ”

5/5 Stars

Carolyn H.
The Rag Company
May 11, 2018

The best recommendation for a warehouse management system we've ever gotten!

”I have been using Finale for over six months now and it really has been one of the better decisions that we have made moving forward with a warehouse management system. It was recommended to us by mutual friends. We came from using Skubana and there were so many things that just didn't work nor met our expectations about a WMS. We had to change a lot of our natural workflow to adapt to Skubana limitations and even then, it was a struggle. When we first considered changing our system to Finale we were very sceptical since we had already committed so much to Skubana. We thought we would need to start back at square one and the entire gruesome process would start again. That wasn't the case at all, the switch over to Finale was not even a days' worth of work. It was so easy to set everything up that we were operating at 80% in the first 3 hours. One of the most notable things about Finale is that we were able to address every single problem that our previous WMS could not. Some examples were Dynamic Purchase Order Integration, Location Auditing, System Search functions (Searched the entire database for items rather than just what is categorized under a supplier), and the ability to push fake qty and live qty for the same item for different listings on the same store. Finale works on having the system work, while some other WMS (Skubana) work on making their systems look good. I look forward to seeing Finale grow more and more!”

5/5 Stars

Caleb L.
Powered by Awesome
April 17, 2018