Importing Builds

Importing  builds

Finale makes it quick and simple to create finished products by using the Builds feature.  Finale Inventory’s Build module extends the end-to-end processes with specialized capabilities for manufacturers, wholesale distributors and others that need to assemble products or perform basic manufacturing activities to fulfill orders.  This tutorial video illustrate how to import builds if you are making multiple products concurrently.

Within Finale, you will create Bills of Materials (BOMs), which will track the inventory items needed to build completed goods. A bill of materials is simply a very specific shopping list that tells somebody elsewhere in the company exactly what to purchase and how much.

Bulk importing builds

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Fred with Finale Inventory. Today, I’m am going to show you how to do an import of builds using a basic builds import spreadsheet. So let’s look at this spreadsheet. At a minimum, we need four columns, the build ID, the product ID that we’re producing on that build, the quantity of the product that we’re producing, and the sublocation.

So let’s do a build ID, 10, 11 and 12, and then the product ID that we’re gonna produce. So I’ve already configured a few products on this account. We have three outfits. Each outfit uses a different colored shirt. So the black outfit, for example, uses the black shirt. But they all use the same pants and jacket.

Okay, so let’s go to the spreadsheet and let’s do outfit white, outfit black, and outfit red. And let’s do the quantities. Let’s do 50 of white, 75 of black, 85 of red.

And lastly, the sublocation. So this account, I have ‘Main’ configured as my primary sublocation. So we’re will copy from the spreadsheet and then we will go to View builds in Finale and then Import builds. Here, we just paste, double-check to make sure our headers match the headers that Finale is expecting, and we’re gonna start the import.

Now Finale processes this on our server and you’ll be notified as soon as it’s imported when this changes. So it just changed. So we’re gonna go to View builds, and you could see it created all three of the builds. It starts it in ‘Draft’ status. So we can go to the build and you can see it pulled in the bill of materials, the quantity corresponding to how many we’re producing and then the finish good in the location that we specified.

Now you can either start to build or you can start and complete the build. From this screen, we can also go to the Actions drop-down menu and print the build order. This is helpful if you need to send off a document to the productions team. It shows what we’re consuming, the quantities, and also what we’re producing.

If you’d also like you can bulk import the status to batch complete or batch start orders. By doing that, we can go to our spreadsheet again, this time add an additional column of status and we can do ‘Completed’. And then when we copy all of that again, you go back to our build screen, we’re gonna import, we’ll paste that here. And now Finale will automatically complete all of those builds that we’ve created as well.

Okay. Now we can see it is importing builds, and it is finished. So we can go to view builds. It’s no longer listing here because we’re only filtered to look at ‘Draft’ and started. We can clear that to see those three builds that we did. Let’s open 10, and it is closed. It produced 50 of the finished good, consumed 50 of all the components.

If we go to our inventory view, you can see all the inventory numbers have changed according to how we did the build. And that is how you book import builds and change statuses using a spreadsheet. If there’s anything else we can help with, please feel free to send an email to [email protected], and we would be happy to help. Thanks.