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In 2014 a husband and wife team with a background in marketing and operation started With You Lockets; an online jewelry company selling nothing but lockets. Troy and Mikki focused on a great product, that looked good.

However, at the start neither of them really knew much about the jewelry business, retail, how to manage a website or how to sell online.  A lot of mistakes were made, but rather than giving up, they learned and grew as entrepreneurs.

Troy told us that one of the takeaways from the lessons learned was that With You Lockets would need to re-tool, and “Finale was one of the solutions we applied to our lessons learned”.

As part of the re-tooling decision, Troy looked at a lot of different inventory management platforms and even gave some a try, but in the end, he decided to go with Finale Inventory. Troy found that “the data finale inventory provides is way more robust than the other inventory management systems”, and that reaching customer service was easier with Finale than with other similar services. Furthermore Troy said that Finale Inventory is “really affordable and provides really good integrations in comparison to other programs that are out there”.

Working With Finale to Drive Success

“Finale provides an affordable platform for young companies that are growing, enabling us to use the money saved elsewhere in the business while still giving us the ability to integrate with our website, and with e-commerce platforms.” This in turn “gives a small company like ours the ability to compete with a bigger company at a lot lower cost”.

Troy Haley

Troy Haley Co-Founder and CEO

In the final quarter of 2017 With You Lockets expanded to physical retailers, and in less than 5 months they went from zero retailers to almost 70 retailers. If that wasn’t impressive enough 2017 saw sales grow by over 400% and 2018 is already on track to exceed that rate of growth. Furthermore, Amazon sales have grown by 850% in the just the first quarter of 2018 compared to the first quarter of 2017! Troy told me that using Finale Inventory “helped us to grow almost seamlessly (…) before we were piecemealing things together, Finale helped us integrate all of our systems into a single shipping and inventory management platform which helped us streamline our processes enabling us to scale relatively easily”.

With you Lockets use Finale Inventory to track inventory, set up automatic ordering, receive notifications, and eventually as they expand, Finale will also serve to manage the raw materials that are used to make the jewelry.

It's been two years since With You Lockets started using Finale and Troy tells us that “We are happy, we plan on using Finale Inventory for a long while”.

Troy Haley Co-Founder and CEO

Learn more about Finale Inventory by browsing our website, or better yet, check out our other customer success stories to learn more!

By Carly Newman