Inventory Valuation and QuickBooks Online

Finale Inventory allows you to sync your inventory valuation to QuickBooks Online. The fluctuation of costs will no longer rely on a user to enter this data manually as the data is synced automatically. This gives you the power to obtain efficient and accurate financial reports in real time. 

Please watch the video to learn more about how your inventory valuation gets synced to QuickBooks Online. 

Inventory Valuation and QuickBooks Online 

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Madison from Finale Inventory, and today I’m going to talk about how Finale is able to give you real-time visibility into your inventory valuation and sync that data to QuickBooks automatically for you. So if we go to our stock screen here, we can see that I have about 27 products, this many units on hand, and this is the value of those units.

And that value is based on Finale’s average cost and Finale’s. The average costing method is actually an average weighted landed cost. So it is inclusive of all of your shipping fees and any other kind of below the line adjustments. So for example, let’s click into our oranges, and we can see here that I have an average cost of 2 55.

And I have 81.5 units in stock, and therefore my total value in stock is $207 and 73 cents. And finale gets this value in stock by multiplying your units in stock times your product’s average cost. So if we look at this skew up now in our general ledger in Finale. We are able to see exactly how Finale got to that valuation.

So we can see here that I received a purchase for $254 and 88 cents. I can see that I created a build with this product and it was consumed in this build and this build, and therefore my valuation for this product has to 2 0 7 73. Because finale syncs its data to QuickBooks. On a regular five-minute interval, you’re able to see the value of your inventory account, see the value of any other type of account, inventory accounts you’ve created since Finale is syncing that data to QuickBooks every five minutes.

This will allow you to obtain consistent and efficient financial reports in real-time in QuickBooks. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the QuickBooks Online integration, please feel free to email