Food and Beverage Inventory Management

Inventory management is a crucial aspect of working in the food industry. Having too much fresh food in stock can result in wasted food if you do not use the products in time. On the other hand, having too little inventory can cause delays and loss of revenue.

Your company needs a delicate balance and reliable food inventory management system to minimize food waste and maximize profits. At Finale Inventory, we provide cloud-based inventory management software designed to fill the needs of the food industry.

Finale’s software will organize your inventory, monitor reorder statuses with a sophisticated formula and keep all of your stats accessible on a secure online database.

What Is Food and Beverage Inventory Management?

Food inventory management is how you track what you have and how much you have in your inventory at all times. At Finale, we simplify that process by streamlining all of your data and housing it on an online database accessible to authorized users from any web browser or mobile device.

In the food industry, you need to be aware of what inventory you’ve purchased and in what quantity, the average amount of stock you use daily and how much remains at the end of each day. Finale makes it easy to track all of this data and more by automatically storing statistics and updates online for you to monitor.

There are many valuable benefits when you invest in food inventory management software:

  • Expiration date tracking: With Finale, you can create lot IDs that allow you to track data as it moves through your inventory, making it easier to monitor expiration dates and prevent food waste from unused products.
  • Barcode scanning: Finale’s barcode system ensures accuracy and efficiency by implementing an intuitive structure that organizes your inventory and tracks products as they arrive and sell. The barcode system allows you to easily keep track of lod IDs of the same products by simply scanning the lot ID barcode or QR code.
  • Kitting/bundling: Our software makes it easy to bundle/kit multiple items together to be sold in one package, allowing customers to get bundles that have all the food they want in one quick order.
  • Online selling: Finale provides access to a multichannel inventory management system that allows users to merge product inventory distributed across multiple locations or platforms. This means all online sales are tracked alongside retail sales, giving you access to both sets of data in one place while pushing accurate stock quantities to selling channels to prevent overselling.

How Finale Inventory Can Help Your Food Inventory Management

Finale Inventory takes all the stress out of food and beverage inventory management. We provide a comprehensive inventory management system that stores all of your data in one accessible database and even provides analytics and inventory reports that give further insight into demand trends sales velocity.

We also make it easy to get started and focus on making it a smooth transition for you. There are no start-up or set-up costs, and we offer a free trial period with complementary consulting and training.

We offer all paid services on a month-to-month basis, giving you flexibility within your inventory management.

Pick Finale to Manage Your Food and Beverage Inventory System

We designed our services to be customized to fit your company’s specific needs. We value our reputation for excellent customer service and provide each of our clients with a customer relationship manager who consults, trains and customizes our services to meet your needs.

Reach out if you would like to request a live demo or sign up for a free trial to start with Finale Inventory today.