How GladGirl Experienced Exponential Growth with Finale Inventory

Key results after using Finale: 

  • 40% decrease in refunded orders
  • 3 hours saved per day on picking and packing 
  • 15 hours saved per week processing orders

GladGirl is a well-known beauty brand that specializes in professional eyelash and brow beauty products. They have a physical presence in Los Angeles, CA, and Bedford, TX, and an online Shopify store serving professional estheticians and cosmetologists nationwide. Since its inception in 1981, the company has faced several growing business challenges, such as accurately managing inventory over multiple sales channels and profitably balancing teams, products, and their warehouse.

Let’s explore how Finale Inventory contributed to GladGirl’s success.

Learn how GladGirl’s co-founder and CEO Brian Green improved his warehouse operations with Finale.

Trouble in the Warehouse

Before Finale Inventory, GladGirl struggled with inefficiency and accuracy issues in their order processing, resulting in overselling on Shopify and a high rate of returns. The company initially responded by hiring additional staff to manage customer service demands, including calls, tickets, and reshipments. While this helped their team in the short term, it added to their operational burden and costs. 

GladGirl’s previous system, Veeqo, which was acquired by Amazon in 2022, lacked the capability to transfer stock and struggled to support shipping processes aligned with GladGirl’s workflows, further hindering their operational efficiency and affecting customer satisfaction. Further, they were aware of inefficient picking and packing processes that they knew cost them precious time and money to support. At the recommendation of ShipStation, Brian Greene, GladGirl’s Co-Founder and CEO, happily opted to try Finale to better align his team, their data, and workflows.

Enter Finale’s Inventory Management System

From the onset, Finale’s inventory tracking capabilities significantly impacted GladGirl’s operations, reducing overselling and expediting workflows. With real-time and accurate data flowing from their warehouse to Finale’s dashboards to stock reflected in Shopify, GladGirl saw a 40% decrease in return orders with Finale compared to their prior track record with Veeqo. 

Now, with Finale as their warehouse data and workflow hub, GladGirl experienced fewer returns coming in, fewer customer service calls to manage, and more efficient warehouse processes. 

Greene emphasizes the importance of the Finale, stating, “There used to be tables full of error totes due to inaccurate stock quantities, stock takes, and the latency between channels, but since implementing Finale in our workflow, our error rates have dropped drastically.” 

That allowed Greene and the rest of the GladGirl team to focus more energy on product creation, their customers, and more profitably managing the business. 

One component to more profitably and more efficiently managing the business stems from the streamlined purchasing workflows in Finale. With Finale and ShipStation’s robust integration, GladGirl optimized their order fulfillment, resulting in a significant time savings of 3 hours per day on picking and packing. Further, the time it took to verify an order went from one minute to five seconds, saving more than 15 hours per week when processing orders.

Other efficiencies came with GladGirl’s warehouse manager having more time to focus on accurate monitoring of stock levels and more timely reordering. With Greene also involved with the full purchase flow, he is now confident that their purchase orders cover what they need and are issued when needed. 

As GladGirl explored the software further, they got more innovative by using Finale’s QR codes in their physical stores. These “shelf-talker” QR codes link to the product pages on their Shopify store, allowing in-store customers to get more product information and help make informed purchase decisions. Soon, they hope to use the software to be able to “pull down” pricing changes, saving the in-store staff even more time. 

Lastly, he appreciates that Finale offers custom screens for the various members of his team that are separate from his so they can focus on the most pertinent data while also protecting some of the more confidential business data that he can still access. 

Gone are the days when they would have to sort through tables full of returned orders and delayed stock syncs like they experienced with Veeqo. Thanks to the holistic solution with Finale, Shopify, Shopify POS, and ShipStation, GladGirl’s operations are stronger than ever thanks to Finale’s real-time data syncs, robust features, intuitive interface, and responsive support team.

GladGirl’s Continued Success 

GladGirl’s success story with Finale Inventory marks a significant turning point for the company. The implementation of Finale Inventory’s solution has increased efficiency, accuracy, and scalability, which have proven to be instrumental in GladGirl’s continued growth and success in the competitive beauty industry. The intuitive user interface of Finale has made it easy to train new staff, which is a critical piece to their plans to expand new retail locations like Miami, Houston, Phoenix, Atlanta, DC, Chicago, and New York in the coming years. Something they are able to do so confidently as a result of using Finale Inventory.

See for yourself how Finale can help improve your operations and help your team work at their best.