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Sockprints was founded by two partners who decided to bring their experience of custom printing and hosiery together to meet an unfulfilled demand: custom printed socks!


Before Sockprints started to use Finale, inventory management was very challenging, they were mostly using spreadsheets and physical counts.

The catalyst for seeking out an inventory and stock management system like Finale Inventory came after the busy holiday period in the fourth quarter of 2016, which was a really crazy time for Sockprints! As soon as things started to calm down in early 2017 Hayley immediately started searching an inventory management system and found Finale Inventory through links from other tools they were already using and were easy to integrate: Etsy and ShipStation.

Sockprints decided that they not only wanted help with their inventory, but that they also wanted a tool that would work across multiple sales channels, such as Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, and their own website. Finale Inventory was the perfect fit, Sockprints love the two way communication with the different sales channels.


Since using Finale Inventory, Hayley Mullin the co-founder of SockPrints tells us that for “the fourth quarter of 2017, inventory was something I did not have to worry about. I had lots of other things I needed to deal with during the busy shopping season, but I knew I didn’t have to worry about the inventory, which was really nice!"

Working With Finale for Inventory Management

A key feature requirement for Sockprints is tracking blank products, having 1000 to 2000 different SKUs for different products is the result of printing on a far smaller amount of blank socks.

"With Finale Inventory, Sockprints are able to assign multiple SKUs to one blank product which is a huge thing for us."

Hayley Mullin,  Sockprints Co-founder

Hayley also told us that Finale Inventory has “absolutely helped with the daily workflow, it has taken a lot of the management out of the day to day. We can run reports, we can see how many of our blank products we have sold, at the end of each month we use it for reporting purposes, which helps with bookkeeping and finances, as well as inventory alerts which help with re-ordering products, and it communicates back and forth with the sales channels. One of the big things is being able to link all of our decorated products to the blank products, that’s just huge for us”.


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By Carly Newman