Rayno Window Film Case Study

Rayno Window Film 2

Rayno Window Film, the manufacturer and distributor of premium window film products was established in 2003. The founders had previous display film business experience & their vision for Rayno Window was to incorporate technology, nanotechnology in particular, in a way that had never been seen before in the window film industry. Having experience with the film that is used on touchscreen computers, laptops, and also on smartphones, they applied their knowledge and their innovative approach using carbon and ceramic at a nanoscale to automotive and architectural window films, offer the best clarity, the best UV reduction, the best heat reduction film that you can find out in the market.

Necessitated by the need to keep records of a diverse range of products & their distribution Rayno Window Film looked at different inventory systems and decided to choose Finale Inventory. Unlike many other distributors, Rayno doesn’t combine products ordered to assemble a new product, they take full rolls, cut them to size, and keeping track of lot ids in the process. Their approach to inventory is yet another style of inventory management that Finale enables. Susan appreciates the flexibility the platform enables through standard as well as manual entry into the inventory and sales system.

"Finale doesn’t limit to how many products or product codes we can input. As you can imagine, because we sell products in rolls and in different widths and lengths, this means we have many variations in stock and codes. Finale helps us keep all of these variations in stock accounted for."

Susan Kim,  Rayno Window Film Co-founder

Like many other Finale clients Rayno started their inventory management system manually through Excel, and after doing research into their options decided Finale was the best fit for their inventory management needs. They have been using Finale since 2015, and many staff within their organization are using it from the sales to operations. They use it for the obvious inventory and stock tracking transfers & changes, but they also use the customizable reports which have been very helpful in analyzing sales trends as they continue to grow and almost double every year, which has been facilitated by the use of Finale Inventory.

Susan also notes that they find our customer service great, "whenever we need help, we get a response within 24 hours. It’s so different compared to the level of service we’ve received from other companies."

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By Carly Newman