Pipe 17

Pipe 17’s growing ecosystem of bidirectional connectors automates data exchange and expedites workflows with plug-and-play convenience. Maximize margins and minimize operational costs with complete command of order operations. 

Harness Pipe 17 connections to Finale Inventory to gain omnichannel stock level visibility and supply chain synchronization. Leverage rapid deployment, seamless orders-to-anywhere automation, and real-time visibility to reach your business goals.

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It’s never been easier to get connected


Integrate omnichannel management

Pipe17 brings unparalleled ease to omnichannel selling, ensuring consistency and control over your entire online presence. Bi-directionally syncs dozens of data types, including orders, fulfillment, products, inventory, returns, arrivals, receipts, and settlements.


Streamline order fulfillment

Smart automation makes for smarter operations. Intelligently automate order sorting, allocation, and routing, minimizing manual intervention and increasing efficiency. Optimize routing flows for any volume or frequency and ensure flawless order handoffs across all your selling channels, fulfillment centers, and back-office applications.


Avoid stockouts

Reduce fulfillment costs, meet on-time delivery goals, and exceed customer expectations. Pipe 17 creates connections at the click of a button to integrate Finale Inventory into all of your operational applications. See the benefits of real-time inventory visibility, scale your business, and increase profits.

Reach your potential with Pipe17 connectors

No longer worry about order routing and managing fulfillment. Automate your sales to supply chain process with accurate inventory via your Pipe 17 and Finale Inventory connectors. With informed, connected operations, you can adapt to any change that lies ahead.

Working with Pipe 17

As your business scales, Pipe17 evolves with you. 150+ connectors that not only meet your current operational needs but also anticipate future growth.

Cost: Contracts start at $500 per month, annual contract.

Customer Support: M-F, 6 AM to 6 PM PT, support offered via email and comprehensive help center.

Onboarding: Most accounts get up and running within 1-2 weeks.