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Engineering practices

We use continuous deployment practices to ship code to production frequently (multiple times per week per engineer) and have a strong test driven development approach to prevent regressions or downtime due to shipping code.  Our technology stack is predominantly JavaScript, using Node.js on the server and React for the user interface, but we also use C++ (compiled with Emscripten) for performance critical code.


You will be writing and shipping code on our core product.  Depending on your specific skills and interests you will be:

  • Adding end user facing features such as Amazon FBA replenishment or built-in business intelligence screens (mostly in React.js)
  • Improving performance and capability of our core engine that calculates stock levels, cost of goods sold, and other business metrics (mostly C++ compiled to JavaScript using Emscripten)
  • Adding capabilities to the system that synchronizes data between our system and other applications the customer is using (e.g. Shopify, QuickBooks, Amazon Marketplace, etc.).

In addition to shipping code, you will use your experience to regularly contribute to the overall engineering direction of the company.


  • College degree in Computer Science or other technical field
  • 5+ years designing and shipping end user facing applications
  • Demonstrated success designing and leading development of complete features
  • Experience with JavaScript or C++ preferred
  • Strong written and verbal English communication skills

Hiring Process

Candidates communicate directly with Chris Hondl, our co-founder and CTO, during the interviewing process.  Interviews are remote.  Our goal is to complete interviews and make a decision on an offer in no more than two weeks from the first interview.

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