Amazon Selling Partner API (SP-API) Migration and Inventory Management

Does your business sell products on Amazon? You’re likely using Amazon MWS, an integrated web service application programming interface (API) to exchange data on reports, payments, listings and other key areas. MWS enables you to perform numerous functions, such as managing inventory, reports and orders, creating inbound shipments, and tracking and managing outbound shipment requests. 

You might be aware that Amazon is in the process of upgrading from MWS to the Amazon selling partner API to provide a more robust user experience. SP-API will enable you to perform many enhanced functions, including:

  • Managing LWA token exchange and authentication by generating a software development kit (SDK)
  • Making calls to a sandbox environment — an isolated virtual machine that allows potentially unsafe software codes to execute without affecting your networks — to test your applications
  • Establishing an OAuth authorization workflow you can initial via your company’s website or the Selling Partner Appstore detail page

The Challenges of Transitioning to Amazon SP-API

Many Amazon sellers are unaware that they need to upgrade to SP-API or don’t even know they’re still using the soon-to-be-obsolete MWS. Others may know about the change but don’t have the technological acumen or resources to implement the application or understand how it works. 

Migrating to the new SP-API is a complex, time-consuming process. Many developers will face significant obstacles when attempting to manage the transition, which could negatively impact the performance and efficiency of Amazon’s back end. Compounding the issue is the fact that Amazon expects sellers to complete the change by a specific target date.

Finale Inventory Can Ease the SP-API Migration Pain

As a leading provider of inventory management software solutions for e-commerce platforms, Finale Inventory can remove the transition burden from your shoulders. By serving as your trusted third-party developer, we can ensure the best results for your Amazon selling business. We’ve already migrated to SP-API ourselves and we understand what it takes to execute the process. 

Our extensive experience and commitment to delivering superior customer service set us apart from our competitors. You’ll collaborate with a dedicated customer relationship manager who will oversee every aspect of your Amazon SP-API transition process. 

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