Introducing ‘Rapid Order Packing’ Barcode Scanning

We are excited to introduce the “rapid order” packing capability using the mobile handheld barcode scanners.  This new rapid order packing capability allow more flexibility on how customers want to leverage the barcode scanner to fulfill orders.

rapid order packing

The two available packing options on the scanner are:

  1. Item By Item – All items on the order must be scanned
  2. Rapid Order Packing – Scan packed orders

The item by item method forces the warehouse worker to scan each item in the order, and the scanner will give an audio and video confirmation when the order is correctly packed.  The advantage of method is increased packing accuracy, but the disadvantage is the fulfillment time to pack each order will take longer since the warehouse workers need to scan each item to complete packing the order.

The item by item packing method may be more suitable for companies that have many skus, skus that hard to distinguish from each other, and/or high ticket items.

The NEW “rapid order” method allow users to quickly visually confirm the contents of the packed orders and then scan the order number has been packed. The advantage is the the “rapid order” packing is the required time to pack an order is significantly decreased as the scanning of each item is no longer required.

This packing method may be more suitable for companies with a high volume of orders, but very few skus.  With a low number of skus, it is more likely that the warehouse works easily recognize the products from each other.

Please watch this tutorial video to learn more about which packing option may be more viable with your customer.

If you need assistance, we would be happy to review your application and provide the advantages and disadvantages of each option.  Please contact us at to schedule a  consultation.