A Decade of Partnership Success: Celebrating 10 Years with ShipStation

The ShipStation and Finale Inventory team at ShipStation University.
The ShipStation and Finale Inventory team at ShipStation University.

At Finale Inventory, we understand the intricacies of ecommerce. Twelve years ago, we set sail on our journey to streamline inventory and warehouse management. We joined forces with an equally ambitious partner, ShipStation, a few years later, whose mission was to simplify the complexities of online shipping. This marked the beginning of a partnership that would see us grow and evolve together, guiding businesses in their online selling journey.

Throughout this journey, we’ve had the privilege of supporting the thousands of sellers in this amazing community and, together, have helped them manage millions upon millions of orders. To us, these milestones are more than just statistics; they’re a testament to the dedication and hard work of our users and respective teams.

“What we honor about partnerships like that with Finale is the longevity. Not only with us together as businesses and people working together but with our clients, as well.

Seeing how we can respectively help to grow shared customers is really what a good partnership is about at the end of the day. Finale’s ability to streamline processes while also providing unmatched support to users is what makes them special as our partner and as a software company.”

Michael Delmedico, Strategic Partner Manager

Finale and ShipStation Growth Stories

Over the decade, the sellers we’ve supported have shown exceptional growth. In many cases, sales orders increased by over 400% in many cases and revenues even more dramatically – soaring by over 2,000%, which is a remarkable testament to our commitment to sellers’ growth. We’ve seen businesses flourish from modest beginnings to successful organizations, with a swimming pool contractor’s annual revenues growing from $700K to $18M. Even larger, established businesses have experienced similar growth, with another example being a car accessory business leaping from $6M to an impressive $59M in annual sales. 

These are just a few of the impressive growth examples that come from the impact of our combined services in the ever-evolving landscape of ecommerce. This incredible growth was propelled by the ongoing evolution of ShipStation’s integrations and Finale’s steadfast commitment to improving inventory management while providing excellent customer support. As the ecommerce landscape grew more complex, so did our solutions. 

Navigating the eCommerce Landscape Together

Finale Inventory and ShipStation, each with their unique strengths, have found synergy in their partnership, making the ecommerce journey more navigable for users.

Finale Inventory excels in offering a robust, flexible, and user-friendly inventory management solution. It gives businesses control over their operations, tracking products across multiple warehouses and ensuring optimal stock levels. By providing on-demand inventory updates, sales tracking, and reordering assistance, Finale Inventory helps businesses maintain efficiency and avoid costly oversolds or overstocks. But our contribution to ecommerce doesn’t stop there.

Enter ShipStation, a comprehensive shipping solution that streamlines the order fulfillment process. ShipStation makes shipping a breeze, offering features like batch label creation, shipping rate calculation, and more. It supports multiple shipping carriers and provides users with the best rates, speeding up the shipping process and saving them money. Furthermore, its ability to auto-populate customs forms and taxes makes international shipping less daunting for businesses.

Together, Finale Inventory and ShipStation create an ecosystem that covers all aspects of online sales and shipping. As orders are processed in ShipStation, Finale Inventory syncs with it within minutes, ensuring inventory levels across all channels are updated. 

Not only are our syncing capabilities available on-demand, but we also have all possible workflows covered. Finale’s integration with ShipStation runs deep. Through years of collaboration and teamwork, we’ve built a connection that enhances and covers all use cases. Not only that, but if you think you can trump us, know that we have a support team who is dedicated to educating you and also educating themselves so that no question is left unanswered. 

This seamless integration eliminates the risk of overselling and helps businesses maintain excellent customer service by fulfilling orders promptly. 

A Partnership for the Ages

The symbiotic relationship between Finale Inventory and ShipStation enables businesses to manage their inventory and shipping efficiently and effectively. This partnership underscores our commitment to providing our users with end-to-end solutions that simplify the complexities of ecommerce.

Together, we continually expanded our offerings to provide more channels, handle more orders, and support an increasing variety of products. Every enhancement reflects our commitment to adapting to the dynamic needs of online sales.

“It has been incredible to see the impact ShipStation has had on our industry over the years. They have become the go-to shipment solution by having a straightforward, easy-to-use platform and by always expanding their sales channel integrations. 

This isn’t just about offering batch shipping labels and estimating shipping rates for sellers to make the best decisions and work effectively. It’s about commitment. ShipStation starts with a business when it is just starting out and sticks with it until the business hits 20M or more in revenue, encouraging the business to grow and expand, always a steady industry partner

It’s this kind of innovation and dedication to seller needs that inspires us and pushes the entire industry forward.”

Chris Hondl, Co-Owner of Finale Inventory

ShipStation University and Community Engagement

A pivotal moment was the introduction of ShipStation University, a learning event that educates users on how to navigate ecommerce, which Finale has the honor of sponsoring in 2023. We are excited to engage in meaningful conversations with the ShipStation community at the event, where knowledge is shared, insights are gained, and valuable connections are formed. Through events, hands-on tutorials, webinars, and informative guides, ShipStation has been able to nurture and support users’ growth. 

Looking Ahead to the Future

Reflecting on the past decade, we take great pride in the progress achieved alongside ShipStation. However, it is the future that truly ignites our enthusiasm. With the ever-increasing prominence of ecommerce in society, our commitment to providing a seamless online selling experience for our audiences grows stronger.

Anticipating the exciting times ahead, we eagerly anticipate our ongoing collaboration with ShipStation as we navigate the realm of ecommerce. Together, we are driven to assist you in discovering fresh opportunities, surmounting challenges, and attaining your aspirations.

As we commemorate a decade of partnership with ShipStation, we also celebrate each and every one of you who has been a part of this remarkable journey.