Mastering Financials in Ecommerce: Control QuickBooks Online With Classes

Are you struggling to keep track of your business finances? You’re not alone. Many sellers excel in providing top-notch products and services but find financial management, especially detailed accounting, daunting. That’s where QuickBooks Online class tracking in Finale comes into play. This blog will explore how class tracking can simplify financial management for ecommerce businesses and how sellers can gain clarity and control over their diverse inventory.

Let’s Talk Segmentation

Let’s dive into a common challenge many business owners face: managing finances. Meet Jane, the owner of a thriving beauty brand. Jane is passionate about her products but finds the financial side of things – especially accounting – a bit overwhelming. 

Jane’s brand offers a range of products, from hair care to skincare products. While her business is doing well, she’s been having trouble tracking the profitability of these products. Everything is mixed up in one financial ‘pot,’ making it hard to tell which products bring in the most revenue and where her income comes from. Classes don’t have to be product-based either; they can be location-based, custom field-based, marketplace-based, etc.

Advantages of Using Classes

Classes can simplify how Jane handles her inventory’s finances:

Segregated Tracking: By creating separate classes for hair care, skin care, and other products, locations, or even marketplaces, sellers can easily categorize their income and expenses. This separation brings clarity to which specified classes are more profitable.

Report Analysis: Sellers can generate detailed reports for each class within Quickbooks Online, allowing users to make inventory adjustments within Finale. This makes it easier to see which services are thriving and which might need a bit more marketing push or pricing strategy adjustment. Some examples of these reports that Quickbooks Online can run based on Finale’s class mapping are:

  • Sales by SKU: This report allows sellers to see how each specific product is performing in terms of sales. Understanding which items are bestsellers and which might need more marketing attention is crucial.
  • Sales Velocity by SKU: Business owners can analyze how quickly each product is selling. This helps in understanding market demand and, in turn, helps in planning inventory replenishment.
  • Consumption Velocity by SKU: Essential for tracking how fast products are being used or consumed. This is particularly useful for regularly repurchased items, like skincare or hair care products.
  • COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) by SKU: By tracking the COGS, sellers can understand the direct costs of each product, helping them price their products accurately and maintain profitability.

Streamlined Budgeting: Sellers can set specific budgets for each of their classes. This way, they can track their actual spending against planned budgets, maintaining a tighter grip on financial health.

Variance Analysis: If a particular product isn’t performing as expected, sellers can quickly pinpoint and analyze the variance via tags or reason codes, making informed decisions to rectify the issue.

How Do Classes Work

Finale interface that shows how to enable classes in the settings
Enable classes to make reporting more nuanced.

Implementing classes in inventory management systems like Finale Inventory and QuickBooks Online is extremely user-friendly. The process is designed to be intuitive, requiring minimal technical expertise, making it easy for users to set up with a few simple clicks in each software’s settings.

Finale has a step-by-step help article about how to set up classes within our software, and so does QuickBooks Online.

Find Success in Financial Management with Classes

For beauty brands like Jane or any other ecommerce brand, classes are a simple yet powerful tool used to demystify the complexities of financial management. No longer does Jane need to feel overwhelmed by the numbers; with QuickBooks Online and Finale, she can easily track, analyze, and understand her business’s financial performance. This enables her to focus on what she does best – running her beauty brand and providing excellent customer service to her shoppers.

Whether you’re a veteran in the ecommerce industry or just starting, managing your finances effectively is crucial for success. Finale’s classes could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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