Barcode label printing

Printing barcode labels is an integral part of a complete barcode software system.  At some companies stock and assets arrive with barcodes already applied with sufficient detail for the company’s process, but if not the barcode label printing software inside Finale allows you to quickly label everything as it arrives and then control use and movement through your operations.

In the first version available now, Finale has the ability to print alphanumeric labels in a sequential order.  This is design such that each case or carton can be assigned its own number, which is associated with the actual product and lot identification for the contents.

Finale prints to a wide variety of label formats, including:

  • Avery 5267 Letter size 1/2″ x 1 3/4″
  • Avery 5260 Letter size 1″ x 2 5/8″
  • Avery DPS30-100 A4 size 70mm x 30mm
  • Avery L4737 A4 size 63.5mm x 29.6mm
  • Avery L7158 A4 size 64mm x 26.7mm
  • Avery L7160 A4 size 63.5mm x 38.1mm
  • Austab CL33 A4 size 70mm x 25.4mm

Many Avery part numbers use the same label size (for example Avery 5160 and 5260 have the identical dimensions), so if you need a different label size check if the dimensions match one of the already supported label size.  Please contact us if additional sizes are required – supporting new format is only a few minutes work.

Sequential barcode labels are constructed by specifying an initial number and count of labels to print.  The values printed on the labels are formatted using a number format string, so label number 1320 can be printed as “ACME-0001320-0” as specified by the format string.

Barcodes are currently printed using Code128, which is a widely supported very high-density alphanumeric barcode symbology.

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