Bill of Lading for Hazardous Materials

Printing an accurate and compliant Bill of Lading every time is a benefit of using Finale to manage your shipments.  This week we’ve improved Bill of Lading for hazardous materials printing to automatically fill more fields on the document and improve compliance with US DOT regulations.

The biggest improvement is that information on the shipment’s carrier is automatically printed on the Bill of Lading.  There are three steps to getting carrier information to print:

  • Configure information on your carriers in Application Settings on the Selling tab on the Shipping sub-tab.  For each carrier you can specify the name, description, SCAC, registration (USDOT#) number, and hazardous materials registration number.
  • Select the carrier from the list of configured carriers on the shipment before you pack the shipment for a sale or a transfer.
  • Print the Bill of Lading using the actions menu in the upper right corner of the shipment.

You should see the carrier information you’ve entered in the box in the upper right portion of the Bill of Lading.

We’ve made a few other changes to printing for theBill of Lading for hazardous materials;

  • The date printed on the Bill of Lading is now the actual ship date once the shipment has been shipped, and before that the estimated ship date if supplied.  If the no ship date is known then the date of printing is used.
  • The ship from box contains a phone number if one has been entered in Application Settings on the Company Info tab.
  • The ship to box contain a phone number if one has been entered for the customer being shipped to (for sales shipments).
  • The headings on the content area now exactly match the PHMSA guide for preparing shipping papers.   The words “Net Explosive Mass” are printed next to each number in the total quantity column (as described in the PHMSA guide) for products with a specified net explosive quantity.

Thanks to everyone for all their feedback on Bill of Lading for Hazardous Materials printing.  Although these changes cover the most common requests, I’m aware there are additional customization options required for some situation.  Expect see further improvements in this area.


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