5 Ways Finale’s Labels Can Help Your Business

The seller uses a barcode scanner to scan a label.

Running a successful business means having all your ducks in a row, especially when it comes to inventory management. But what if your “ducks” are actually thousands of products waiting to be shipped? Warehouses constantly face challenges related to inventory management, like stocking problems, workflow inefficiencies, and tracking issues due to product mismanagement. 

The issues listed above have real-world consequences like lost sales, damaged reputation, and decreased customer trust. So, what’s the solution? 

With Finale’s barcode scanner and built-in labeling tools, we can transform your warehouse operations to fit your business’s unique workflow. With a simple scan of the label, you get product details that help you minimize mispicks and data input errors, warehouse insights from detailed label and lot tracking, and reporting to help see where to make stock adjustments. 

Our software is built to remove the stress in regard to your inventory management and warehouse operations. Let’s discuss how Finale handles label generation and printing and how it can help you.

Finale’s Labeling Features That Make Our Barcoding Solution Stand Out

  1. No Third-Party Labeling Software 

Many inventory management systems on the market require businesses to invest in third-party labeling software to meet their needs, which can be hundreds of dollars of added costs, including a monthly subscription fee but also results in a patchwork solution where systems may not always seamlessly communicate, leading to inefficiencies, potential errors, and additional staff labor.

However, with Finale Inventory, users are equipped with a built-in labeling feature. This means that businesses can avoid the added expenses and complications associated with incorporating external software. Everything you need for inventory labeling is right there in the Finale platform, streamlining processes and ensuring optimal functionality. 

  1. Custom Label Generation and Printing

Custom barcodes are a breeze with Finale Inventory. For businesses with specialized requirements, our team can create custom labels for any product, printer type, and media type. Simply provide us with the details, and we’ll handle the rest.* Our custom labels can be used internally (within a warehouse) or externally (customer-facing). With our labeling program, you can put colored logos, graphics, or even product warnings right on the label. Not only that but the size of the font and even the label itself can be adjusted according to your unique needs.

  1. QR Code Label Printing

The data storage capacity of QR codes outshines traditional barcode labels. These compact, scannable codes can store a treasure trove of product information—including text, numbers, and URLs—which can be scanned via mobile device if your warehouse doesn’t use scanners. QR codes can be used to improve warehouse operations by increasing efficiency, reducing errors, and providing visibility into inventory levels, location, and quality of products. Whether you’re tagging a pallet in the warehouse, tracking products, or marking equipment, QR codes offer a versatile labeling solution.

  1. UPC/EAN/Code 128 Label Printing

We ensure that every barcode is unique, preventing any possible data conflicts. Moreover, our system supports various types of barcodes, giving businesses the flexibility they need. Do your items have serial numbers or lot IDs? Finale creates barcodes that are a combination of product ID, lot ID (and packing.) When the product is scanned, Finale is able to recognize both the product ID and lot information from a single barcode.

  1. Integrated Reports

Gain insights with every scanned label. Our labels work in tandem with Finale’s internal system to provide comprehensive, customizable reports. These reports allow you to track shipping details, understand backorder situations, locate products within the warehouse, understand staff efficiency, and get line-item details with ease.

The success of e-commerce and warehousing businesses hinges on efficient inventory management. With Finale Inventory’s labeling solution, you’re not just putting a sticker on a product; you’re adding a smart, trackable, and efficient system to your inventory process.

Join the ranks of companies transforming their inventory management with Finale Inventory’s labeling feature. Your stock, team, and customers will thank you for it. Ready to elevate your inventory game? 

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*Finale offers report customizations for Silver plans and above, which include label customizations.