QuickBooks Solution Provider Program Helps Finale Users with Inventory Accuracy

Finale Inventory is proud to announce that we’ve joined Intuit’s QuickBooks Solution Provider Program.

Small business owners can reduce errors and save time on manual transactions all while increasing efficiency with our tightly integrated inventory and accounting solution. By taking advantage of our bundle offer that combines QuickBooks Online and Finale at a discounted rate, businesses can achieve seamless, real-time inventory tracking without the hassle of developers or additional staff.

QuickBooks Online and Finale work together, syncing bi-directionally to provide high-volume, omnichannel businesses the opportunity to unite their operations and financials securely all in one place. Our integration works effortlessly with your preferred ecommerce income reconciliation software like A2X.

Finale is streamlining the way businesses operate, with our state-of-the-art barcode scanning capabilities, advanced warehouse management, and over 1500 active deployments, Finale users can have peace of mind knowing that we continue to work with you and for you. With our bundle offer, our users will be able to automate business processes and get ahead of the competition with more transparency on their financials and operations. 

QuickBooks Online paired with Finale increases productivity across all your teams with cloud collaboration in one central location. With the QuickBooks Solution Provider Program, we are helping you save time and money. Not to mention, our post implementation training and support, you can get up and running right away!

Not familiar with QuickBooks Online ? Reach out and schedule a demo today.