How to Fulfill Orders With Your Smartphone

Well over a billion smartphone devices are in use across the world today. With this movement of technology, it’s impossible to ignore the ease of use behind these resources at our fingertips. In fact, using a smartphone to fit the needs of your business is now easier than ever.

When we look at the world of e-commerce and storage, we’ll see that our smartphones give us power to scan barcodes on products, track inventory, place orders and follow shipping. Paper orders are a method of the past, and you can save yourself some steps across the fulfillment process with the right software solution via smartphone.

Improve the Order Fulfillment Process and Overcome Challenges

When it comes to shipping product, eliminating the need to pack an order in a small space comes from going to digital means. Fortunately, smartphones accompanied by the right Management Software will let you create and print shipping labels, product locations, and other fulfillment data wirelessly.

Investing in an Inventory Management Software will help you keep track of inventory and even assist in predicting demand and reordering, which was previously a challenge that could lead to over- or understock. Our cloud-based software will let you fulfill orders, create barcodes for products, track serial numbers and more. In addition, we’ll work with your suppliers.

How Can I Improve Order Fulfillment?

Keeping your system, a team of employees and suppliers up to date with fulfillment processes is the key to growth. Making critical information — including product catalogs, inventory and orders — readily available will keep a cohesive flow of data between your business and manufacturers. Anticipating next steps before they even occur is possible through taking a digital approach to order fulfillment.

Finale Inventory is a robust order management software platform for businesses of all sizes. We’re able to make a database for your business regarding sales data. That way, when someone buys your product, you’ll know right away how much inventory is leaving your shelves and when the optimum time for reorder will be.

Setting up an ordering app for your business will help your customers access your products as well. However, improving your order fulfillment process lies within mobile inventory ordering. Let us take care of your stress regarding when to order more product and how often. Recommendations within our Inventory Control Software will work off of your previous sales and up-to-date information about what can ship in the moment.

Fulfillment Details Matter

When you’re picking and receiving orders, completing stock takes, managing kits and handling serial numbers, shipments, and returns, every detail matters. Companies large and small can run more smoothly through the use of smartphones and the capabilities they entail. Pairing smartphones with the right Management Software will help to organize your business and generate sales.

If you need assistance with fulfillment ordering processes and e-commerce storage, Finale Inventory welcomes you to a 14-Day Free Trial. Each new account is assigned a customer relationship manager for quotes and more information. Customer relationship managers are responsible for consulting, training and the customization of a company’s next business endeavor. Training and consulting is included with each paid account and is free during the trial period.