Creating a Dropship Purchase Order from a Sales Order

This video shows the process of creating a dropship purchase order from a sales order using our software.  This is a new feature that simplifies the process and save you time by removing the manual entry to create a quickly create a dropship purchase order for your supplier.

All you have to do is go to the actions menu and click create purchase order for a dropship to automate the process. From there you follow the steps in order to get what you need.

Creating a Dropship Purchase Order from a Sales Order


See the video below for instructions.

Creating a Dropship Purchase Order from a Sales Order

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Chinh from Finale Inventory. And this video, I’m gonna show you how the process of quickly creating a dropship purchase order from a sales order. So, let me get started and load up. In this case, my ship station screen because a lot of our customers use this feature, and are using ship stations because they basically sell products on various market channels. And then essentially the orders sink down to ship station then, in turn, sink down to Finale. So, in this case, I’m going to look at this order here. And this order is for 10 red blue t-shirts and five blue t-shirts. And this is illustration, you know, something that an online store may sell but they don’t actually keep in stock and just drop ship the order.

So, in this case, this order is in place for 10 and five units. The customer, in this case, Steve Ball, selected USPS first-class mail. Okay? If I go down to go back to Finale, click on view sale. That order gets synced down via our integration. And I’m gonna click on this order and basically here’s the order that came down. So, here’s the same units. 10 units for the red polo shirt and five units for the blue polo shirts. And the ship to address is to Steve Ball and the fulfillment service requested was first-class mail. So, if you wanted to just basically say, “Hey I wanna create this PO and create a dropship order for my vendor, “All you need to do is go to the Actions menu and hit create purchase order for a dropship.

So, in this case, you can go system ID or you can click on use external order ID. I like using this one just because it basically is the sales order and adds PO so that way you can back in time later easily associate the sales order to a PO that was used. So, I create the dropship purchase order.

Basically, it copies the content here the content of the red polo shirt and the blue polo shirt. You select a vendor, in this case, is we’re gonna buy from ABC t-shirts. You see how it is basically populates the address that’s coming from the ship station forum and also prepopulates fulfillment service. So, this is order you wanted to place, all you I do is hit mark purchase committed. If you wanted also then if you want to email them or send in this PDF you can. So, this basically they have a hard copy of what you’re ordering. Something like this. So, basically it has the vendor that it has it basically an order coming from yourself that’s being then shipped to Steve Ball.

So, lastly, when that order is filled, typically the drop shipper will send you a tracking number. And then you…most customers just basically then go into the order, insert the tracking number, and then mark it as ship. So, that’s the whole process and, you know, this new feature makes it really easy for creating a dropship purchase order from a sales order using Finale.