Pick and Pack

Leverage a mobile barcode scanner to improve your productivity efficiency and accuracy using a pick and pack fulfillment process

“Pick and Pack” is another popular batch picking process and is a two-stage fulfillment process of picking and then packing (usually with different staff members picking and packing). Batch picking significantly reduces travel times and improves order picking productivity. Travel time can easily account for 50% or more of order picking hours. By combining orders into a single trip the time spent traveling is greatly reduced. With the pick and pack process, the barcode scanner will accuracy improvement by ensuring the corrects items are scanned and packed.

The first stage is the picking stage where the items to fulfill a batch of orders are pulled from the aisles and brought to a central location. The second stage is the order packing stage where orders are individually packed at a central location like a packing table. In this process, each item is scanned twice: first while picking in the warehouse, and again while packing on the central packing location.

Pick and Pack Stage #1 – Picking

pick and pack

In the first stage of  pick and pack fulfillment process, a consolidated pick list consisting of a batch of orders is created to allow team members to efficiently pick the items from the warehouse. A consolidated pick enables picking of multiple orders at the same time. These orders are more effective for pickers traveling lengthy distances within a warehouse or other pick area. By combining orders into a single trip the time spent traveling is greatly reduced.

Starting with the first aisle, pickers will utilize a cart and our integrated barcode scanner solution to guide the picker. As pickers grabs and scans the first product off the shelf, the scanner will confirm they have picked the right product and will then guide them to the next location. This process is continued until everything on the consolidated picks list has been picked and is on the cart. Once picking is complete the cart is dropped off at a packing station for shipping. The picker can grab a new cart and empty totes and start the process over.

Pick and Pack Stage #2 – Packing

After the items have been picked and your packers are ready to begin packing orders, they only need to scan the order number from a packing slip and the barcode scanner will suggest the first item to be scanned and packed. When the correct product is scanned the packer will get visual and audio confirmation and will be prompted for the next item. The process continues until all items have been scanned and packed.

With pick and pack, once scanning and packing is complete the status for the order is updated and inventory counts are adjusted. Since Finale scans items into and out of your warehouse you have true item-level visibility of your physical inventory with every stock operation stored to Finale giving you complete transparency. Each inventory change is made automatically as items are shipped and received, giving you an accurate inventory counts.

Check out the video below to learn more about our Pick and Pack batch order picking solution.

Note shown in video: WiFI syncing also available