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Finale Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management system that is easy to understand, affordable, and adaptable to the needs of your business. You can access Finale from anywhere, so employees in different locations all have a consistent view of your records. Finale is designed to support a wide range of inventory management applications for warehouse management and multi-channel ecommerce inventory customers.

Inlined image: green-light.jpg Start easy. Cloud-hosted so no admin, no installing, no up-front cost. Any browser, PC or Mac.

Inlined image: clock.gifSave time. Fulfill sales orders fast with order management, shipping and barcode software.

Inlined image: barcode-label-3.pngReduce human error. Clear, simple organization and optional barcoding means fewer errors.

Inlined image: balance.gifGuarantee consistency. Employees at multiple locations see the same thing.

Inlined image: chart.jpgHave peace of mind. See all is accounted for by glancing at your online inventory.

Inlined image: boxes.jpgRun smoothly. Keep an eye on your business with powerful reports.

Inlined image: truck.jpgWork anywhere. Make changes on site; access online inventory with mobile inventory software.

Inlined image: overselling40.png Eliminate overselling. Push stock levels to your online marketplaces.

Finale Inventory’s cloud-based high volume multi-channel ecommerce solution removes the complexity of selling on multiple online marketplaces by managing incoming and outgoing orders in one place. From purchasing, inventory control, shipping and order fulfillment, Finale helps businesses simplify all aspects of their ecommerce operations saving money and time with improved efficiency, accuracy and reporting. Designed to easily scale with our customers, Finale can easily process over 200K orders per month.

Through direct integrations with ShipStation and Shipping Easy, Finale consolidates orders from your selling channels (Amazon, eBay and popular shopping carts) to keep track of your inventory stock levels and will then update stock levels to your marketplaces to prevent overselling. Finale's third party integrations makes it easy to centralize your orders & inventory while selling on multiple online selling channels.

High volume sellers can leverage our integrated turnkey mobile barcode solution and implement one of the batch picking processes - wave picking or pick and pack - to improve warehouse productivity while increasing accuracy.

Finale's cloud-based inventory management software system features cover the range of warehouse management system needs for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and e-commerce sellers, and the back-office needs of retailers. It includes features like lot tracking and split shipments, which you just can't do with QuickBooks inventory software or manage with Excel. It provides fast access from a web browser or mobile device anywhere, which is difficult to replicate and expensive to maintain on a Microsoft Access system that you need to install and administer yourself.

Finale Inventory is the cleanest, most well-organized system available, earning it the distinction, "the online inventory management system your employees can actually understand." Try the free trial, and you can see for yourself.

Finale Inventory is cloud inventory management that is easy to understand, affordable, and adaptable to the needs of your business. Access from any browser, anywhere.

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Finale just works, hassle free. Here's what the startup process of cloud inventory management is like,

Easy sign-up. Pay by the month, with no long term commitment or up-front fees.

No installation required. You don't have to install any PC or Mac inventory control software or do any database administration. Just launch your browser.

Free training and support. We offer a free training session at the start, and you'll have our cell numbers and email for support.

Copy/paste from Excel. Get started by copy and pasting from Excel or Access. Be up and running in a couple of hours.

Adaptable to your business. Finale is customizable, and we also can help if you have specific needs.

Instant upgrades included. With cloud stock control, we upgrade your software automatically when you login.

Keep using Quickbooks. Use Finale with your existing accounting system, like Quickbooks for Quickbooks inventory management.

Integrate with CRM. Finale provides a REST API for integration with Sage or other CRM / order management systems.

Easy to understand but all the features you need. When you login to Finale, you'll see it is clean and intuitive. Common tasks are simple, and the features for advanced tasks are where you'd expect them to be.

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24/7 Phone

24/7 Phone


1 session

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Advanced training


API access





Excel import assistance

DB import assistance

DB import assistance


Custom reports, integration, training, more.

Pre-pay for one year and get 2 months free.

No long-term contract, no other fees.
One price includes everything: support, upgrades, maintenance, backups, servers, network. No long-term commitment. You can export all your data at any time.


"Keeping track of inventory across multiple e-commerce channels can be just as taxing as streamlining fulfillment for online retailers. By partnering with Finale Inventory, we can help alleviate these pain points for our customers.”
Robert Gilbreath, VP Marketing, ShipStation ss


I would highly recommend Finale Inventory to any multi-channel retailer who wants to move beyond Excel spreadsheets to an easy, intuitive software solution to manage their inventory.

We've tried ERP systems at ten times the cost. Finale is the only cloud stock control system that had the depth of functionality to be used as order management software and warehouse management software while still being intuitive.

I would definitely recommend the product to everyone. Its simplicity yet scalability and speed is exactly what every inventory manager or COO must have.
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Saves everyone in our organization involved with products a ton of time and keeps me from running out of critical goods thus enabling us to grow continuously

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