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As an Official ShipStation Partner, Finale has been evolving alongside ShipStation since 2014 to provide your e-commerce business a centralized, cloud based inventory and warehouse management system. With over 1500 active deployments, Finale’s integration has been refined and honed over the last eight years, always improving it to make it faster and more reliable.

When you need inventory accuracy, we are here for you.

Benefits of Adding Finale Inventory

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Prevent Overselling to Increase Customer Satisfaction

The Finale inventory software will update all your selling channels (Amazon, Shopify, eBay etc.) every five minutes. If a sale is made on one website, Finale will automatically update inventory levels across other integrated sales channels to prevent overselling.

Increase Efficiency with the Mobile Barcode Scanner

Finale Inventory’s integrated Android OS barcode scanner solution works seamlessly with ShipStation, leveraging the packing slips from ShipStation to support the picking process. In addition, you can maximize your workflow potential by using ShipStation tags and batch IDs. 

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Track Split & Combined Orders Seamlessly

As orders are split and combined in ShipStation, Finale tracks and records these modifications, always keeping your inventory accurate and your shipments reflective of ShipStation. Additionally, receive greater peace of mind shipping across multiple channels with Finales ability to show product stock levels in an order’s details AND in the Orders sidebar.

Enhance Stock Visibility in ShipStation

Finale can provide stock information to ShipStation for display in the stock level column on each order, increasing stock visibility within ShipStation for your fulfillment team. 

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Customization without a costly developer or ERP

Finale provides merchants with the customizability of a large ERP without custom coding or need for developers. Our system fits to your workflows, instead of forcing you to change your business processes to use our system, making Finale cost effective to continue to scale. And, as you continue to grow, Finale’s support is unparalleled. Providing 1:1 training and customer support for as long as you need.

Enhance Stock Visibility & Reduce Fulfillment Errors

Instead of having team members continually check aisles and bins to confirm what orders can be fulfilled, the Finale Inventory app can automatically alert team members of orders that can be fulfilled within ShipStation. Finale will check the inventory stock levels, determine availability, and change the order status from ‘On-Hold’ to ‘Awaiting Shipment’ in ShipStation. If an order cannot be fulfilled it will remain in ‘On-Hold’ status.

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Avoid stockouts with automated reordering

The Finale app has a robust order management and will prevent stock outs. As orders are received, Finale will send out notifications and can be configured to quickly create reorder POs based on automated sales forecasting saving you time and money.

Increase Customer Satisfaction & Warehouse Productivity Today

When paired together, Finale and ShipStation allow sellers comprehensive bar-code scanning, product lot or serial number tracking, and custom reporting contributing all to your customer satisfaction by reducing shipping errors. Don’t just take our word for it, read about how Manscaped used ShipStation + Finale to scale their business !

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Choose Finale Inventory


  • Custom Demonstrations

    Finale not only provides a demonstration of the software, but we tailor the meeting based on your workflow, always being transparent to ensure we meet your customer service expectations and software requirements.

  • 1:1 Training & Onboarding Support Provided

    The Finale support staff is here to assist you. From providing onboarding support to training overviews, we take pride in providing exceptional support every step of the way. Our top-notch customer service is included with your account for no additional charge.  Finale’s team is deeply familiar with ShipStation and will work with you to ensure the systems are working seamlessly together.