Leveraging Shipstation Batch IDs or Tags for Order Picking

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If you are currently already leveraging the ShipStation batch id or tags feature to filter a subset of orders, Finale can be configured to create a batch using the same ShipStation filtering functionality.

Regardless of how the set of orders has been selected (via a Shipstation batch or ShipStation tag), Finale will seamlessly create the batch within the mobile scanner.

This capability was designed with speed and efficiency in mind to allow Finale to work seamlessly with ShipStation without any additional action required. By training your workers to expand the usage of the ShipStation batches or ShipStation tags, you gain the benefits of a mobile barcode scanner for faster and more accurate order picking.

See Barcode Picking In Action with ShipStation Batch IDs or Shipstation Tags

How Can Barcode Picking Benefit Your Business

Using ShipStation Batch IDs within Finale

Batch shipping is a process that allows you to organize large numbers of shipments into smaller groups. Within ShipStation, you can then assign and process these batches separately from other shipments, providing more flexibility and control of your workflow. 

Use batches to organize similar shipments together, by whatever criteria you require. For example, create separate batches for international shipments, shipments containing specific products, or orders shipping from a certain warehouse.

Once a batch id is created in ShipStation, Finale automatically creates the same batch id as the orders synced down.

Using ShipStation Tags To Create Batches in Finale

Shipstation tags are a versatile part of the ShipStation workflow, and they are used by many mutual customers. They can be used in numerous combinations to help you accomplish specific tasks and make your shipping and fulfillment process as efficient as possible.

They generally operate in the following fashion:

  1. Identify orders that contain tagged products or customers. Shipstation tags can indicate special situations to your shipping crew to help ensure no special instructions are overlooked.
  2. Filter orders by tag to view only orders containing specific tags.
  3. Automation Rule Criteria. Use ShipStation tags to trigger automation actions. For example, if you tag orders as Overnight Delivery because they need to fulfilled first and require immediate action, you can also use that tag as criteria in an automation rule that then performs a certain action on the order (like identifying orders with overnight delivery).

When the orders sync down, Finale can be configured automatically a create a batch of the order with the Shipstation Overnight Delivery tag. This streamlines the process to allow your warehouse team members to quickly fulfill the orders marked with the Overnight Delivery tag with the barcode scanner.

How Can Barcode Picking Benefit Your Business

If you want to see what Finale Inventory software can do to improve order picking in your warehouse, sign up for a free 14-day trial or schedule a live demo. You may never go back to old-fashioned paper spreadsheets and manual picking again when you see how much our barcode picking system can help your business.