Shopify's inventory management tools can only take you so far

For full product lifecycle tracking, you need a more comprehensive solution

Thousands of Shopify store owners use Finale Inventory to manage their omnichannel inventory: whether that's Shopify with Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and even an in-store POS, Finale can support your complete workflow to avoid overselling.


With Finale's native Shopify integration, you'll get:

Real-time stock updates with your Shopify store, synced automatically with your other sales channels

In-depth, multichannel data with customizable reporting capabilities

Landed costs and COGS insights with connection to QuickBooks Online

Robust stock-level insights with automated reordering and purchase orders to avoid overselling.

Barcoding workflows that save time from your team's stock-takes, re-stocks, and pick and pack workflows

Shopify and Finale inventory management integration benefits

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Automatic updates to your Shopify store

Manage all customer orders and keep track of stock in every location.

If you aren't using an inventory management software program, you need to do the stock level updates manually. If you sell an item on Faire or Etsy, you'll need to account for the inventory: in your Shopify inventory and on your warehouse shelves. This process can be time-consuming and creates a lot of opportunity for error.

Individual sku and grouped-tracking available

Get full visibility into your skus, kits, and bundles

Monitor sales velocity of individual components within kits and bundles, as well as the overall bundle SKU, to determine which items are available to sell or require replenishment.

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Restock forecasting

We will help you find restock level that's "just right"

Get an alert whenever the inventory of a particular item dips to a certain level and our software will also handle sending out the purchase order and updating stock levels when the shipment arrives.

Transfer orders wherever you need

Whether to another warehouse location, to FBA or your 3PL, keep track of it all

Ensuring the right products are in the right place and in the right amounts is critical to seamless selling and fulfillment.

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Streamline inventory and operations across the board

One tab to manage it all...

Multiple sales channels, multiple warehouses, a multitude of SKUs: all managed within one singular Finale tab. Streamline your operations and your data with Finale as your inventory and operational hub.

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