Activating and Deactivating Product IDs

This video shows the process of activating and deactivating product IDs using our software. Within Finale, you cannot delete products, but you can use the deactivate feature to make them inactive.

activating and deactivating product ids, Activating and Deactivating Product IDs

The great thing about this feature is that you can bring deactivated products back to the active state at any time. See the video below for instruction:

Activating and Deactivating Product IDs

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Video Transcription

Hello, Mike here, Finale Inventory, going to give you a quick video on the topic of Activating and Deactivating Products. So, within Finale Inventory, you cannot delete anything. So, you can use what we call deactivate to make a product inactive. And you can also bring it back from inactive state back to active. So, how you do that is you go to your products view so you can do view products here from the main home screen or you can use the inventory products.

So, when you go to the products screen, you may have a search [inaudible 00:00:39] like me or I’m here on the products screen, I’ll clear out my search box. But you’ll also notice that there is a filter box on the product view. So, you’ll see active products. So, if you click that, you’re looking at only your active products. You might have a product status column that actually shows you the same information, everything is active. So, you also can see your inactive products.

So, here I’ve switched to see only the products that have been marked as inactive. So, there is a status showing that. You may or may not have this column on your screen. If you don’t, you can add it by simply going to the action menu, customize the screen and turn on the product status column, okay? That’ll also help you. You can also see both active and inactive products if you turn to all products.

So, let’s see how this process of activating and deactivating product ids.  So, I’m going to go back to active products. Sometimes people say and they say somebody accidentally made something inactive. So, I’m going to give you that example. So, if I looked for this product called Best Hard Drive Ever, let’s imagine that a user or another person in your company accidentally turned this product inactive or you want to make it inactive, how do you do it? You just click on the product, go to the action tab and say deactivate the product. Notice that the status, right now, here at the top of the screen is active. So, if I just simply say deactivate the product, it’s now marked inactive. If I go back to the products screen, it disappeared. I can’t see it in my search. Remember, I’m only looking at active products. So, if I was to…since I’m searching for it, it no longer shows up. So, if I try to find it, it’s not there, Best Hard Drive Ever. Where did it go? It’s in the inactive products list. So, here it is in inactive products. I can bring it back. So how do I get it back? It’s just the reverse. So, I click on the same thing. The status is inactive. All I need to do is make it active again. Now that it’s active again, it will disappear from the inactive product list. Remember, we still have a filter here called best. So, if I go back to the active products list, it shows back up over here. So, that’s a tip.

Now, the other thing is you can bulk or massive update a range of product IDs from inactive to active status. You do that with the import and export from the home screen. And you would, actually, set the product status to either inactive or active. So, you can do that from import/export. You would do a batch create and then update your products. You’d use this button here. And all you need to do is include the product ID that you wish to make either active or inactive and the status as a column. So, you put the value of status, will be either active or inactive. And that will change from one status or the other. You can do it in bulk. That’s the tip to activating and deactivating product ids.