Activating and Deactivating Product IDs

This video shows the process of activating and deactivating product IDs using our software. Within Finale, you cannot delete products, but you can use the deactivate feature to make them inactive.

activating and deactivating product ids, Activating and Deactivating Product IDs

The great thing about this feature is that you can bring deactivated products back to the active state at any time. See the video below for instruction:

Activating and Deactivating Product IDs

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Video Transcription

This is Juanita with Finale and today we’re gonna talk about how to activate and deactivate products. First thing we wanna do is go into Finale from here. We’ll go into a product screen. You can go directly from the home screen, or we can go into the inventory dropdown products. For this example, I would like to deactivate my A-100 product.

So I’ll go ahead and click on the product. This will bring us into the product detail screen. Something that I want us to take note of is the status right here as active to deactivate this product, we’ll go into the action menu and select deactivate. If you take a look here, the status has now changed to an active, there is the second way that we can activate in deactivate products.

And this is by doing a bulk import from a spreadsheet. In my case, I am gonna be activating my A-100 product and deactivated my lettuce and my security. So this is my spreadsheet. So you can see, we have two columns, product ID and status. Go ahead and copy those two. Then we’ll go back to finale. I’m gonna go ahead and go and import kind of import products paste. You can see product ID, status, and import status is up updates, existing product. We’re gonna start import.

While that imports, here we go. We’re gonna go back to the products, as you can see, we can now see A-100 has been active. And then if we use our filters and go to inactive, we should be able to see our lettuce and zucchini. And that concludes how to activate and deactivate products in finale. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at Thank you.