Boxing and Packing

Shipments and transfers leaving from the company’s warehouse may be packed into boxes and stored in specific locations prior to leaving warehouse on the truck. For companies that want to track the boxing and packing stage in the sales or transfer process, Finale provides a pack shipment button as shown in this video to change the status of the items and transfer them to a new location in boxes.

boxing and packing

Boxing and packing

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Video transcription

Hi, this is Will  from Finale Inventory. Sometimes, when a company ships an order out to a customer, the process of pulling the items that go into the order and boxing, and packing them, and shipping them take place all together in one fell swoop. But other times, they’re separated. Finale Inventory gives you the ability to box and pack a sales order, and transfer it to a holding location before it has shipped. The importance here is that when you do a stock-take in your warehouse if you’ve already boxed and packed something, it may not be in its usual location. For some industries, sales orders may be boxed and packed days, or weeks, or even months before the order is shipped out.

Well, to do that with Finale Inventory, it’s very quick. Let’s just make a new sale here to give an example. And let’s make a sale of some blueberry pies. Making a sale of 10 blueberry pies, save the sale. So at this point, I’ve just created the sales order. I haven’t really done anything yet. If I go over here to shipments, I can now create a pull sheet so I can pull the items that constitute this order and then box and pack those. I’ll show you how to do that.

First, I’m going to update this shipment because we’re going to make a shipment to match the whole order. So the number down here for the order is 10 and the number in the shipment is 10. That’s great. So save that. Now, instead of clicking this Ship Shipment button, I’m going to click the Pack Shipment button. The dialog comes up saying, “Well, how many boxes is this packed into?” Let’s say we’re packing it into a single box. “And where would you like to store that box?” We’re going to store it in Building 2 Pack Shipment. Okay, we’ve just boxed and packed that shipment.

Now, if I went back to look at my inventory, my stock levels, those items that have been boxed and packed will have been deducted from my quantity on-hand and the boxed sale will be stored in the location BDG 2. The one step that we glossed by kind of quickly here, I’m gonna do was to print a pull sheet to pull those particular items that’s on the Actions menu over here. When I print a pull sheet, this is a pretty simple order. It just had 10 blueberry pies so the pull sheet or the pick list for picking those blueberry pies is pretty simple, just includes them. So that’s all is required for boxing and packing a sale.