Break Apart Case on the Mobile Scanner

This video shows the process of  break apart case on the mobile scanner using our software. The process convert or “break apart” product in case form to individual units.  For example, you make break apart a case of Coke into 12 individual cans of Coke.  This is a feature that not many people are aware of but can be a very useful tool to implement.

Break Apart Case on the Mobile Scanner

See the video below for instruction:

Break Apart Case on the Mobile Scanner

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Video Transcription

Hello, it’s Mike, Finale Inventory. This short video we’re gonna cover a new feature on the mobile scanner many of you may not be aware of. It’s called break apart case on the mobile scanner.

So this is definitely for the scenario where if you’ve got items stored in cases and you need to break it and get it back into the eaches [SP], you can do that with the scanner now. Let’s give you an example on how that would work. So let’s go here into Finale. I’m going to show you an example, so I’m gonna do a view stock. And on my screen here you’ll be able to see this one item here, this PID1. We have no open stock right here, so the open stock is empty. So on this one there’s no onhance [SP] and no eaches, no units. But there are four cases, so over here on the case stock we’ve got four available. And if we looked at this data, you can see that in the M0 sub-location there is cases 12 to one, so meaning there’s 12 items in one box. So we got four of them, that means there’s 48 units here on this item.

And we wanna break apart case. We wanna take one case away from here and get 12 individual units. Okay? So I’m gonna show you how to do that with the scanner. So if I was to go down here and bring up my scanner for you guys to see here, what we’re going to be doing is using a stock change feature. So we’ll click on stock change, and now you’ll notice there’s a new feature here called break apart case. So we will click on this item. Of course it’s asking us where are you in the warehouse? We’re going to either scan a barcode for M0 or we can just pick it from the list, it’s what I’m going to do here. So I’m going to find that M0 sub-location, and then I’m gonna proceed to scan a barcode for PID1. That’s what I’ll do here.

Now if you notice, at the bottom of the screen it even says last 12 of that item. And if I wanted to review this transaction you’re gonna see what really is going on behind the scenes here. You’ll see that we’re gonna take away one case of 12/1 and then we’re gonna add 12 units. So that’s the thing we wanna do. It combines kinda two transactions in one.

So we’ll do an exit to main menu, and let’s transmit this back up the cloud. And as we do keep your eyes on the stock level right here. So you’re gonna see this go to three, and this to 12. So as I sync that, keep an eye up here. There you go. That’s how you break apart a case with the barcode scanner.