Creating New Supplier or Customer

creating new supplier or customer, Creating New Supplier or Customer

This video shows the process of creating a new supplier or customer using our software. What’s great about it is that the process is the same.

Using the fields provided, or by creating custom fields, your business can have all of the necessary information you need to know about your supplier or customer. See the video below for instruction:

Creating New Supplier or Customer

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Video Transcription

Hi. This is Chinh from Finale Inventory. In this video, I’m going to quickly show you the process of creating new supplier or customer within Finale. So, let’s open up our interface here. To create a new supplier or customer, and the process is the same for both, I’m just going to create one, is all you do is Add new. Click Add New Supplier. And essentially, you can just start typing in the information. So, I’m just going to make some information up on the fly here. One thing that you should be aware of is for each of the fields, such as Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Email Addresses, you can add multiple addresses, phone numbers or emails, based on different purposes. For example, for the addresses, you could select shipping, payment, or billing, or general. And also, if there’s any additional information you want to add for this company, you can also create custom fields. So that way, there’s additional fields you can enter. So that way, you can store all the properties and attributes with this company within Finale.