Creating New Supplier or Customer

This video shows the process of creating a new supplier or customer using our software. What’s great about it is that the process is the same.

Using the fields provided, or by creating custom fields, your business can have all of the necessary information you need to know about your supplier or customer. See the video below for instruction:

Creating New Supplier or Customer

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Juanita with Finale, and today we’re gonna talk about how to create a new supplier. First we wanna go into Finale. We wanna go into our supplier screen; so we can go directly into our home screen by clicking supplier, or we can go under purchasing, suppliers. We’re gonna use this blue button her that says Create a New Supplier.

And we’re gonna fill out our supplier information. We’re gonna have or contact name. You’re also able to set up a default for terms as well as your lead dates. Something that I want you to take note of here is your ability to add as many addresses as you like, and we also have our purpose. We can have an address for general shipping payments, and the same thing can be done for your phone numbers, and your email addresses.

All right, Once we’ve filled out all of our supplier information, we wanna make sure to save our changes. Once the changes are saved, we can go ahead into our suppliers. And now you will see that how to test company we just created is reflected on our supplier list. 

There is a different way that we can also approach this. If we go into your purchase order, let’s go ahead and create one. You’ll see that there is a feel for suppliers. So let’s say you go ahead and try to find for your supplier, but it’s not listed here. You can go ahead and create a new supplier from your purchase order. From here, you will go ahead and create your company, your supplier, let’s call it Dice Company.

And once we’ve filled out all the information, we can go ahead and create the supplier. So now we have Dice Company for safety save changes on our purchase order and go back into your supplier screen. You will see the dice company has now been added to our supplier list. So this concludes how to create a new supplier.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at Thank you.