Deleting or Removing Product Lookups

This video shows the process of deleting or removing product lookups using our software. If you ever create one by mistake or you no longer need it, there is a way to remove it.

deleting or removing product lookups

Now, normally we say nothing is deleted in Finale, but in this case, we are going to do something and unmap it. See the video below for instruction:

Deleting or Removing Product Lookups

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Video Transcription

Hello, Mike here, Finale Inventory. In this short video, we’re gonna talk about deleting or removing or unmapping a product lookup to the product ID in Finale. Product lookups are also known as the SKU mappings from your marketplace or your e-commerce website into the internal product ID or inventory item in Finale Inventory. So sometimes you create one by mistake or one gets created for you, and it’s an old product or you need to remove it or you’ve accidentally linked it to the wrong product. Any of those scenarios, people say you wanna unmap it or delete it somehow, the lookup. Well, we’re gonna how the process of deleting or removing product lookups. As Finale normally says there’s nothing that can be deleted, but you can certainly remove it or cancel it or in this case, we’re going to unmap it. So let’s go through here and review this.

So let’s say you’ve got some lookups, could be a list of them, could be one at a time, there’s many ways to do this so I’m gonna cover both the onesie-twosie method, but also you can do it in bulk. So let’s go look at the lookups. So I’m gonna go up to the inventory and go to lookups. I’m gonna search, or I’ve already searched for a small subset of lookups, so you may have this massive list of lookups. I’m gonna search, in my case for this example. So in this example, I’ve got four kinda bad lookups, invalid lookups, mistaked lookups, or old lookups just kind of think of them in your terms, and they’re over here. How can you get rid of them? Well, you can’t delete them, but you just simply unmap them. That is the same effect. So to do it one at a time you would just click in the product ID field here, and just hit your delete key. You have successfully unmapped it. Now, this lookup is gonna stay but it’s not mapped to anything, so all you need to do is hit save now and it is committed. It is no longer mapped, so I could go to the next one hit delete, and the next one. That might be convenient if it’s one or two, but what if you wanted to do a whole list of them all at once? That’s easy to do as well. So you can see we have three left here and I’m gonna show you how to do it in bulk.

So I’ve got an excel sheet here. And I’ve got a list of the product lookups, and of course, the IDs that they’re mapped to. So if you don’t want the mapped anymore, just simply take the values that they’re mapped to and delete them. So in your Excel sheet, now you’d just take the two columns like this. And we’re gonna upload or import, update the mappings to be nothing, so that’s what we’re doing here. So I’m gonna copy this from Excel, we’ll go back over here to Finale Inventory, we’re gonna go to the home screen, import-export. There is a product lookup right here it says, “create and update your product lookups.” So use this button here, we’re gonna right click and paste. So notice that it’s recognizing the lookups that are there, and we’re gonna basically wipe out the product IDs that they’re associated to. So if I hit next and commit, I just updated all four of them and notice that my lookups are all unmapped. That’s how you achieve deleting or removing product lookups.