How to Learn Barcodes

This video shows how to learn barcodes using our software.  If your products already contain barcodes, it’s a good idea to learn barcodes to associate it with the Finale product id so you do not need to generate new barcodes and print new ones.

The goal of learning a barcode would be to associate a  UPC, manufacturer, or other unique code that is already on the products that you stock and associate that with the Finale product ID.

Learn Barcodes

There are many different products in your warehouse and keeping track of them is difficult. Learning barcodes can make it easier. See the video below for instruction:

How to Learn Barcodes

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Video Transcription

Hello, this is Mike, Finale Inventory. Gonna give you a short demonstration on how to learn barcodes with the mobile barcode scanner.

The purpose of learning a barcode would be to associate maybe a UPC code that is already on the products that you carry and associate that with the product ID that’s in Finale. So if we were to look at like a product list in this demo account here, we got all kinds of products here, but like PID1, PID2, and PID3, while we want to maybe associate a UPC barcode to that item.

So what you would do is we normally set you up with a report, so go to your reports. And there will be a report in the other section that’s called UPC Learning. So you’ll see this one here says Labels 5160 for Product ID and it’s for UPC Learning. So we’re gonna run that report and this is kinda what it looks like. So it prints out and it’s just a simple set of barcodes that equal all of your product IDs.

So, for instance, if we wanted to associate here on the screen a UPC with let’s say, product ID1, then that’s the barcode we’d wanna scan in the learning process. So let’s take a look at the learning process. I’m gonna bring up the camera here and kinda show you. So what we have, we’ve got the mobile barcode scanner. We’re gonna go from the main menu, you’re gonna go to more. And then more and look at learn barcodes.

So we’re gonna do a learn barcode. First thing it asks for is for you to scan the new barcode. So let’s imagine that this UPC is the new barcode you wanna associate with let’s say the product ID1. So we’re gonna scan this barcode. And you’ll see in the scanner it picked up that barcode. And then the next hing you do is it says associated product ID. So this where you’d wanna pick up the associated product ID.

So we’d use our report, we’d find the barcode for PID1 which is kinda right there in the middle of the screen. And we’re gonna scan it. And now we’ve learned that product. So down at the bottom you’d see that it associated that long number with the PID1. That’s as easy as it is to learn a barcode.