Importing a List of Suppliers or Customers

This video shows the process of importing a list of suppliers or customers using our software. What’s great about it is that the process is flexible and very simple.importing a list of suppliers or customers

In order to import your list, it’s as simple as copying and pasting.  Be using Excel, this process of importing a list of suppliers or customers makes it easy to transfer data from any software package to Finale.

What’s great is that the process for suppliers and customers is the same. See the video below for instructions:

Importing a List of Suppliers or Customers

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Juanita with Finale Inventory and today we’re gonna talk about how to import a list of suppliers. First thing we wanna do is go to Finale. I have added a custom field for my suppliers named account number, and I’ve added that through our application settings, purchasing supplier custom fields.

And you’ll see now the icon number has been added. Going into your spreadsheet, you’ll see that I have account number, supplier name, contact name, default lead days, address information, phone number, and email. So I’m gonna go ahead and copy my information and go back to Finale. From here I’m gonna use the import dropdown and I’m gonna select suppliers. Here you’ll be able to see the supported column titles gonna go ahead and paste. Since some of the titles do not match the supported column titles, we’ll need to assign those. 

In this case, for the supplier we wanna select a name. We also wanna be able to select or address. This is gonna be our general address, so we want that header to be address general street, address general city, address general state, address general postal code, and then we’ll have her phone number, and this is gonna be your work phone number and our work email.

Okay. Once we make sure that all the column titles have been assigned, we can go and import our supplier list. Three out of three. So this has been completed, and if you go into our suppliers, We will now see that our AAA company, or High Top company and our Wholesale Retailers have at it. If we go into our AAA company, James Smith.We’ll also have our default lead day. We have our account number address. The purpose is general and our phone number and email with their assigned purpose. 

So this concludes how to import.  suppliers using the list. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at Thank you.