Purchase Order Bills and QuickBooks Online

Finale Inventory makes it easy to automatically sync your purchase order bills directly to QuickBooks Online. 


Please watch the video to learn more about how to sync your purchase order bills to QuickBooks Online. 

Purchase order bills and QuickBooks Online


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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Madison from Finale Inventory, and today we are going to specifically talk about supplier bills and accounts payable. So let’s go into our purchase screen. And I already have a purchase order here created for us to test out. So here is our purchase order details. So I have my apples and my bananas.

I’ve ordered a hundred of each of them. And here is my prices respectively, and Finale is showing me my landed cost. And my landed cost per unit as well. So we are taking into account that shipping fee I have there below the line. And now it is time to bill our purchase order. So I’m going to click that bill button finale is gonna, you know, pop up my little window, ask me to enter a reference number if I have it, and make sure our bill has the same supplier as our purchase order.

So I’m going to click this. Bill purchase order button, that will automatically create that bill. And if you see here, Finale’s gonna create a little flag for you. We’re gonna let you know that your purchase has been fully received and fully built. So now I am going to go to our integration screen. So Finale syncs to QuickBooks automatically every five minutes.

But if there is something that you want to sync sooner, you can always come to your integration screen and trigger it yourself. So I’m going to run that task now. Perfect. So once we get that status, okay, I’m going to jump back to my QuickBooks tab and do a refresher as well.

Now that I’ve run my QuickBooks integration, I can see now that I have a bill, a bill now to pay in QuickBooks. And if we click into it, and now we can see on our bill here that the amounts here match the amounts that we saw in Finale. So we’ll go back to our purchase order in Finale, and we can see that the landed cost per unit is sinking to QuickBooks.

Exactly as we saw there. Once your bill is in QuickBooks, you are able to market paid and pay the bill in QuickBooks and finale has that bidirectional syncing with QuickBooks online that we are able to then update the bill on our system as well. And I will show you that right now. So let’s mark this bill as paid.

And I’m going to save and close, and I am going to go jump back to Finale. I’m gonna go to my integration screen again. I’m going to run the task. Now, like I said before, this will run by itself every five minutes, but if you want it to go sooner than that, you can always trigger it. Okay, our task is done. So now I’m going to jump back to our purchase order and click into that order id, and now I’m going to navigate to that bill tab again.

So if we see here, we have our line items. The subtotal is three 50 with a $50 shipping charge. The total is 400, and because I marked it paid in QuickBooks, Finale is showing that it is paid on our side as well. We also have a green little check box in the top right-hand corner. So now that our bill is paid and our print order has been fully received, You can change it to complete.

And that is the end of the PO process in Finale. So we can jump back to QuickBooks and look at our report. So I just generated this general ledger report for today only, and we can scroll down and see that the bill payment is reducing the accounts payable and we can see that the inventory account is increasing.

So, not only will you be able to see in QuickBooks on that general ledger report, what accounts have been affected, but you can also come into Finale, navigate to our accounting header, and then to our general ledger, and we can scroll all the way down to the bottom to get the most recent data. And we can see down here that our purchase was received.

And this increased our inventory account. We can also filter by accounts payable and see that $400 value from our bill and our purchase order. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the QuickBooks Online integration, please feel free to email us service@finaleinventory.com