Scan Packed Orders with Lots or Serial Numbers

This video shows how to use the scan packed orders or ‘rapid pack‘ feature with lot ids or serial numbers with our software.  It’s quick and simple, one scan and done to scan packed orders with lots or serial numbers.

Scan Packed Orders with Lots or Serial Numbers

These are the instructions to follow if your products have lot IDs or serial numbers. See the video below for instruction:

Scan Packed Orders with Lots or Serial Numbers

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Video Transcription

Hello. It’s Mike, Finale Inventory. In this quick video, we’re gonna show you how to use that new scan packed orders with lots or serial numbers feature, the one scan and done. In this example, we’re gonna go over just how you would use it if you had lot IDs or serial numbers on your product. And in this specific example, we’re only covering a warehouse has one sublocation, okay? So, this is for you. So, let’s move forward here and illustrate how to scan packed orders with lots or serial numbers.

I’m gonna jump over to Finale Inventory. Let’s cover what we’re talking about. So, new one scan and done packing. We’ve got a specific scenario of stock in this example. We’ve got one sublocation at my warehouse, but one of my items that I keep stock on has a serial number which is stored in the lot field. So, you see here on this copper wire roll because it’s so expensive. You know, we’ve got these serial numbers, for instance. So, you can see we have three different serial numbers and we, of course, would wanna know when we pack an order which serial number was put on on which order, all right? So, that’s key? All right?

So, let’s go through this example. I’ve got three sales in here to, kind of, given three different examples. If I showed you, you know, you might be able to identify here if your orders were from the e-commerce and they came into your Shipstation. Of course, going into Finale managing your inventory. So, normally, you would go over here, select all three orders from your Shipstation dashboard, maybe hit Print Packing Slips. We’re gonna preview those packing slips. Of course remember, I’ve got three different orders here with various different types of products on it. And we teach you, of course, to put the barcode of the order ID on these packing slips. So, go ahead and print those off. And then, we would have at it and start packing.

So, let me switchover, back over here to our Finale Inventory and let’s get packing. So, I’ll bring up my barcode scanner here. All right. So, whate ar we gonna do first, let’s make sure we sync. Let’s make sure we’ve got everything on the handheld, on the mobile scanner. So, we’re synching over Wi-Fi here, making sure we’ve got all those orders and the stock levels are all up to the eight-date. That’s most important here. Now, let’s take advantage of this new feature. So, I’m just gonna use the Pick feature here. And then, we’re gonna go into basic and we’re gonna do scan packed orders. This is the new feature right here. So, we’re gonna go here. Now, I was just doing a preview example where we used a packing sublocation. Of course, that’s not what we’re gonna do to scan packed orders with lots or serial numbers

So, we’re gonna pack this right out of the warehouse, so I’m gonna choose, in my example, the one area where I’m gonna pack them out of, so for instance, M0. All right? So, now, all I have to do here is scan the order I wish to pack. So, I’m gonna grab one of those and if it happens to have an item on it, it is…this order happens to have one of those copper wire rolls. So, it’s making me confirm which serial number I picked or I’m packing in the box.

Now, I got two choices here. All right? If you notice here, it’s telling me to scan or select the lot ID. So, either I could scan a barcode that was the serial number or lot, or I could just pick them in the list. So, you notice it says, “lot ID.” You can click or scan to choose. So, if I click right here, it gives me what’s in stock. So, if I looked back here in the background in Finale, in my stock, if I expanded this, I would see those three different serial numbers. So you can see them being listed here in the scanner. So, I just choose which one that I pack for this order so I can pick that one. But notice, it will just put it right in the order, tell me to go right and go scan the next order. So, I’m gonna scan another order. So, I scanned it, everything was fine. It just moved on.

All right. So now, if I scan another order, if it happens to have a serial number, it’s gonna interrupt me. So, I’m scanning it. It says, “Hey, you need to give me the lot ID or the serial number that you’re doing.” So, I’m gonna choose this and scan packed orders with lots or serial numbers. Notice I only have two left. We’ve already packed it in one of the other orders. So, I’m gonna choose the one that I got and I’m done. That’s as easy as it is to use the scan one and done feature of Finale Inventory. Enjoy.