Setting up User Permissions

This video shows the process of setting up user permissions using our software. What’s great about it is that the process is simple

setting up user permissions

Access this ability under application settings. You can control what privileges users have and grant them access to certain abilities. See the video below for instruction:

Setting up User Permissions

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Chinh from Finale Inventory, and in this session, I’m gonna show you how to create user permissions. So, let’s open up Finale. So, the permissions can be set up under application settings, and click on the second tab users. So, here are the four users that we have in this account. And the security groups are owner and staff, and then click on this, another one is called admin. So, there’s three different security groups. If you wanna see what privileges that each security group has and wanna set or modify, you can click on security groups and only the owner can really change the privileges for the admin and staff security group. So, the owner has access to everything. There’s about 30 or 40 different settings. So, let’s say as an owner I want to be able to give the admin staff purchase order privileges in terms of modifying and creating. So, I just click on these, click on save now. So, now the admin has PO privileges. So, we go back to users here and let’s say I want Justin to be able to have those privileges. So, I just click on this arrow here and now I select admin, delete staff, and hit save. And that’s all you do.