Automotive Parts Inventory Management

People rely on their vehicles for our their everyday activities. Regardless if it’s work or play, having a dependable car is a must. Whether your customers are car enthusiasts, do-it-yourself weekend warriors or car repairmen, they benefit from the speed and convenience of buying car parts online. Your online auto business provides products and services to keep your customers on the road, and an automotive parts inventory management solution is essential to get a handle of the sheer large number of automotive skus from many vehicle makes and models.

automotive parts inventory management


Annual sales of both OE (Original equipment) and Aftermarket parts are measured in the hundreds of billions of dollars in the United States, and according to NADA and AAIA, online automotive car parts sales are growing each year. As a result, it is one of the largest categories on eBay.

Keep sales of your online car part business humming along with Finale Inventory. Finale takes the guesswork out of inventory stock levels allowing you to minimize inventory holding costs and prevent overselling.

Our automotive parts inventory management solution helps accurately track inventory operations and reduce the complexity of selling online on multiple marketplaces (e.g. eBay and Amazon). Consolidate sales order from multiple marketplace on a single interface. Prevent stock outs and loss revenues with a real-time inventory view. 

Centralized inventory tracking for automotive parts inventory management

Keep track of your car parts inventory in one location with Finale Inventory. With ongoing receiving, picking, and stock transfer operations occurring in your warehouse(s), get a real-time view of inventory stock counts via any Internet-connected device.

Get a quick snapshot how much inventory you have on hand (QoH) and how much inventory (Avail) you have available to promise. The available to promise count enables you to allocate stock from existing inventory and committed purchase orders.

Ship from multiple warehouses? Finale has you covered and has the capability to keep track of your inventory from an unlimited number of locations.

Multi-channel marketplace support

Our automotive parts inventory management solution supports many third party integration including many selling channels.  Finale Inventory’s ShipStation integration make both inventory management and shipping easier than ever. Many companies leverage ShipStation for order fulfillment, but rely on less sophisticated methods to keep track of inventory stock takes. A common method is leveraging Excel worksheets, but many realize the Excel is inadequate to handle the complexity as order volume continues to grow.

Finale Inventory supports many popular shopping carts including Volusion, Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Through ShipStation’s APIs, Finale communicates with ShipStation behind the scenes to monitor the orders and decrements inventory stock levels when orders are shipped from ShipStation.

Easily handle the complexities caused by supersession

Supersession causes additional inventory complexities as part manufacturers “replaces” one part number with another. Superseding a number simply changes the part number (from the old to the new) and creates a supersession entry for the new number which references the old number.

Finale keeps tracks of the old and new part numbers in a product lookup table so the parts numbers can easily be cross-referenced when customer asks for an old part number. During times you have stock of both new and old part numbers, you are able to effectively phase in new and compatible parts without disrupting your parts operations.

Kitting / product bundling

In Finale Inventory, increase the number of selling options by setting up kits or bundles and creating a new product. Kitting is an assembly process in which separate but related items are grouped, packaged and supplied together as one unit.

For example, let’s you’re are selling an exhaust kits consists on multiple pipes and fittings, When the kit is ordered, inventory is automatically decremented from each product that makes up the kit. This makes it easy for businesses who assemble their own products to track inventory levels of both finished goods and individual parts.

automotive parts inventory management solution

Proper mapping of marketplace SKUs to an unique product ID

When you are selling products in different marketplace (e.g. Amazon and eBay), you may have different SKUs that correspond to the same product. As you sell on more marketplaces, the management of the marketplace SKUs become more complex, and many attempt manage this complexity with Excel worksheets. Finale’s automotive parts inventory management solution handles this with a couple mouse clicks and properly keeps tracks on your inventory.

Convenient reordering functionality

Running out of a stock is a guaranteed to hinder your growth. Prevent costly stock outs by setting reordering thresholds for each product. When the threshold are crossed, Finale enables you to quickly create purchase orders to send or email to your supplier.

If you have multiple warehouses, set-up independent reordering thresholds for each product at each specific location.

lreorder parameters

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