Barcode inventory Software

Barcode inventory Software

Barcode inventory software provides a method of identifying products with a barcode scanner for purpose of counting them quickly and with a minimum chance of human error. In inventory management, barcode software is employed in the tasks that require counting large numbers of physical items: stock takes, receiving shipments, packing orders, and shipping orders (or transfers).

Finale Inventory offers a comprehensive out-of-the-box barcode solution to increase warehouse productivity and inventory count accuracy.  With our integrated barcode system, easy-to-use and implement software, comprehensive training, and technical support, Finale Inventory addresses all your mobile barcode inventory management needs.

Finale Inventory allows your business to…

  • Eliminate the need for paper in the warehouse
  • Reduce picking errors
  • Save time locating a product by providing inventory locations (bin and shelf)
  • Save money as Android phones are less expensive than traditional scanners
  • Easily train new employees as the software is designed with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface

Setting up a barcode system can dramatically increase your inventory accuracy. Having barcodes on your items makes them instantly readable to a mobile barcode scanner. It lets your computer do all the heavy lifting for you. While computers aren’t perfect, they are exponentially more accurate than any human ever could be.

The system is designed to be a turnkey solution and is installed without a team of expensive integration consultants. Getting the system set-up and running is quick and simple.

Using a scanner for order fulfillment

Order picking is by far the most labor-intensive process in the warehouse and also the most error prone – which makes it an ideal workflow for operational improvements. Order picking is also the activity that plays the biggest role in customer satisfaction with the warehouse.

Order picking is the last touch point between you and your customers. Mistakes happen, but in order picking operations, reducing the number of errors is critically important.  For barcode inventory software,  leveraging a barcode scanner for order picking operation greatly improves the picking accuracy and warehouse efficiency.

Your Finale-compatible scanner can function using any of these methods to suit a variety of businesses’ needs. As your business evolves, you can change your fulfillment option.

Basic Picking Methods

When it’s time to pick and ship e-commerce orders, many small businesses opt for picking orders one by one. A basic fulfillment process often involves paper pick lists for each order and scanning it to pick items for one order at a time. The staff member packs and ships the order then uses the next order’s pick list.

This basic picking routine is called discrete picking and shipping and is the most common fulfillment method among online retailers. This option offers simplicity, but not as much efficiency.

Advanced Batch Picking

Once a business begins to receive more orders, they might choose a batch picking process, wave picking or pick and pack. The basic batch fulfillment workflow is simple. Instead of starting with one order, a store worker will group similar orders in batches. The time spent traveling throughout the warehouse can make up half of your total order-picking time — or more. By combining orders into a single batch, the time spent walking through the warehouse is greatly diminished.

Finale inventory offers a comprehensive integrated mobile barcoding solution as part of our software subscription plans of Gold and above.

Examples from Finale Inventory

To learn more about our order inventory management, please check out the capabilities and video tour to get more insight to learn if Finale may be good fit for your application.

Here are example videos illustrating Finale’s integrated barcode solution.

Receiving shipment with mobile barcode scanner

More tutorial videos on Finale’s integrated mobile barcode scanner solution can be found here.