Barcode inventory management solution

Finale Inventory offers a comprehensive out-of-the-box barcode solution to increase warehouse productivity and inventory count accuracy.  With our integrated barcode system, easy-to-use and implement software, comprehensive training and technical support, Finale Inventory has all your mobile barcode inventory management needs covered.

Setting up a barcode system can dramatically increases your inventory accuracy. Having barcodes on your items makes them instantly readable to a mobile barcode scanner. It lets your computer do all the heavy lifting for you. While computers aren’t perfect, they are exponentially more accurate than any human ever could be.

Using barcodes allows you to process your inventory much faster than any other manual method. Think of the length of most universal product codes (UPCs), which are 12 characters or more. You could type those numbers into your cloud software, or you could activate a scanner with one push and have the scanner read the number.

The system is designed to be a turnkey solution and is installed without a team of expensive integration consultants. Getting the system set-up and running is quick and simple.

barcode inventory management solution

Barcode inventory management capabilities

Finale Inventory utilizes barcode scanners in conjunction with product and location barcode labels to manage your inventory. Products are created in Finale Inventory and product counts are associated with physical locations in your warehouse.

With the mobile scanners, it’s as simple as scanning barcodes to perform standard inventory operations.

Using a barcode scanner and barcodes expedites these processes by removing the manual actions needed to fulfill these duties. Cycle counts or stock takes are much easier and accurate when you do not have to use a pen and paper to conduct them. It is much easier and more accurate to scan an item’s barcode to check its current quantity and update it.

You can also speedily ship items by scanning a barcode during the picking process. When you receive items, you can check them against the purchase order on file and ensure you received the right number. If not, or if some of the received items are damaged or are not the right type of product you ordered, you can begin the reconciliation procedure to ensure you received from what you ordered in the purchase order.

Click on the links below to quickly see the integrated barcode operations in action.

How much time and money does it cost you when an unhappy customer receives an incorrect shipment? In addition, the time and money required to rectify the order, unhappy customers are less likely to make another purchase from you.

The mobile barcode inventory management solution will add an additional layer of quality control by alerting warehouse team member when an incorrect item has been scanner. Finale’s advanced batch picking operations, (1) wave picking or (2) pick and pack, will improve increase efficiency and decrease picking errors.

Data is normally transmitted from the wireless barcode scanner to Finale via WiFi. If the warehouse does not have WiFi or the WiFi is spotty, the data can able also be transferred by docking the scanning and syncing via USB cable.

Check out the video below to learn more about our integrated barcode solution.

Note shown in video: WiFI syncing also available

The Finale Inventory advantage

barcode inventory

Florida-based Cables Online leverage barcode scanners for their receiving and picking process

If your business has inventory to manage, a barcode inventory management system can help you dramatically increase your efficiency in simple yet important ways.  Additionally, it can also save you a great deal of time and money in all sorts of areas of your business. A typical barcode inventory system includes hardware, such as barcode printers and scanners and software that runs on computers and mobile devices that allow for barcode scanning and other operations.

When implemented correctly, the mobile barcode inventory management solution can significantly streamline your inventory processes while improving inventory count accuracy. When implemented incorrectly, adding mobile barcode scanners to your inventory management solution will be an expensive and time-intensive endeavor without achieving the anticipated return on investment.

In the event, the system is not working as it should, the system is often ignored and falls by the wayside. Worse, companies often learn the barcode system deficiencies early in the engagement but are locked in a long-term service contract. When selecting a mobile barcode inventory management solution, make sure to evaluate several vendors to find the best solution that meets the company needs.


Barcode label printing

In addition to barcode scanning, Finale Inventory can also print barcode labels. Every company handles bar code labels slightly differently so we designed the system to be very customizable and present many options for barcode printing.

Regardless of what information – UPC codes, product ID, serial numbers, lot IDs or a combination – is used in the naming convention, we can support it.

Creating the proper barcode nomenclature can be a little tricky. Refer to our handy barcode labeling guide to get more information. Need additional assistance? Call or email us.

Barcode hardware

We designed the barcode solution to be as flexible and versatile as possible. Our software will work with any Windows-based mobile scanner. We want you to have maximum flexibility to find the best hardware that best suits your application If you need assistance, please review this link to learn the scanner hardware requirements with recommended models and vendors.

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