Distribution Inventory Management

distribution inventory management

In their role as middlemen, distribution companies experience complex and varied inventory management requirements. They must ensure they have the items that customers demand in stock while avoiding high inventory carry costs. The task becomes even more challenging when operating multiple warehousing facilities, which is complicated by the growing popularity of the e-commerce trade.

Finale Inventory can make life easier for these businesses. We offer advanced distribution management system software for multichannel warehouse operations, providing solutions that streamline and simplify inventory organization and accounting.

Overview of Our Distribution Inventory Management Software

Finale Inventory software includes numerous features tailored to the needs of distribution businesses.

Centralized Inventory Tracking

Are you trying to keep track of inventory across multiple facilities? Our cloud-based software enables you to monitor stock levels in one convenient location via any internet-connected device. You won't need to install additional hardware or equipment.

Your team members can get instant access to location information for a real-time view of stock counts. Our platform is compatible with ongoing stock transfers, receiving, picking and packing operations in all your warehouses. Any authorized employee can update the stock, allowing purchasing, accounting, and other departments to receive accurate inventory data.

Barcode Scanning

Do you use or are you considering integrating mobile barcode scanning into your inventory management strategy? Our wireless barcode scanning capabilities make automating your shipping, receiving, picking and packing functions easier. Get real-time data that allows you to sort and track products in any distribution facility.

Price Tiers for Customer Segments

If you implement a tiered pricing structure, our distribution management system software enables you to tailor your prices to each segment. You can automatically configure our solution to ensure your wholesale and retail customers pay the appropriate amount for your goods.

Multi-Warehouse Support

Distributors that serve an expansive geographic area often require multiple warehouse locations to deliver optimal customer service. Our cloud-based interface provides a robust inventory management solution for these businesses. You'll have complete product visibility for each facility, ensuring your entire operation runs smoothly.

Benefits of Partnering With Finale Inventory

Choosing us as your distribution software provider offers an array of business benefits:

  • Accurate inventory management: Our software can reduce or eliminate mistakes that result in out-of-stock or excess inventory situations. You'll provide better customer service and lower your carrying costs.
  • Increased efficiency: You'll be able to scan more efficiently by reducing human errors. You'll also save time and labor, enabling your crews to focus on other areas of your operation.
  • Scalability: Finale Inventory software can scale with your business. If you're planning to open more facilities, you can stay with the same distribution management system to accommodate your growth.
  • Exceptional service: We provide consulting and training to ensure a successful software launch. You'll also receive ongoing support throughout your customer journey.

Set up a Free Software Trial

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