Laboratory Supply Inventory Management


Benefits of Finale Inventory for Laboratories

Finale Inventory is a unique solution to your laboratory supply inventory management needs. Our software can track generic supplies like test tubes, serialized state-of-the-art assets, and testing mediums with expiration dates. An inventory management system will help your lab work smarter, not harder by streamlining procurement and dispensation of supplies.

Trusted by universities, research and development, pharmaceutical, and biochemistry companies, Finale Inventory efficiently supports accuracy in your lab’s processes helping you to produce timely results.

Finale’s advanced inventory management software can drastically increase your inventory control, raising productivity rates and improving workflows. Our cloud-based system offers a simple solution to optimize your inventory organization efforts by compiling your data and making it all accessible from one browser.

Accurate Supply Management

Finale Inventory accurately manages your supplies, taking the guesswork out of stock levels and giving you oversight into what you have and where you have it. Are you managing expiring materials? Our software allows you to organize your stock so you can use your resources before they go to waste.


We understand the importance of accurately receiving, managing, and dispensing your lab supplies. Finale Inventory gives you complete control over your materials, where they live, and when you use them.

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Reorder Forecasting

Finale Inventory helps your lab work smarter, not harder. Using our custom reordering system, our software will notify you before you run out of supplies. We can help your procurement team create purchase orders in our software and email them directly to your suppliers. Using the sales velocity calculation, we can predict your product use before you use it. Our system ensures you never delay your research due to supply shortages again!

Asset Tracking

At Finale Inventory, we understand that knowing where your assets are is essential to avoiding research delays. Using our software, managing serialized high-value assets is easy and accurate. We can track your state-of-the-art equipment between departments, labs, and individual research projects.


Your ability to effectively and efficiently execute lab processes impacts your bottom line. When project timelines are important, you can quickly and easily transfer assets in Finale between locations, saving you time and money.

How Finale Can Help With Laboratory Supply Inventory Management

Our inventory tracking system is ideal for any research or testing industry. We can help you problem-solve and streamline internal processes so you can devote more time producing results. Each plan is paid month-to-month, and you skip all long-term commitments.

When you choose Finale, you gain instant access to:

A supportive team: Each account receives personalized onboarding with our software specialists to handle questions, training, consulting and customization. We gladly teach you how to maximize your system.

Free setup and startup: You can try our inventory management software before adding in your customizations later on.

Highly adaptable systems: Finale Inventory’s customizable systems work with your business operations and goals.

Numerous features: We provide additional cloud inventory management features, such as multi-location capabilities and asset management.

Choose Finale Inventory for Your Lab Inventory Management Solution

Our experienced software experts will work with you to create a solution that fits your specific laboratory needs. We make it easy to get started, and our paid services operate on a month-to-month commitment, allowing for plenty of flexibility within your inventory management plan.

If you are looking for a laboratory supply inventory management solution to support your lab’s current workflows and processes, get started today by scheduling a custom one-on-one demonstration with the Finale Inventory team today!

Barcoding for Efficiency

Whether your inventory already has barcodes, or you want to print barcodes directly from Finale Inventory, our barcode scanning app will allow you to efficiently receive, move and use your inventory at the click of a button. Our barcode scanners seamlessly integrate into your existing workflows by learning on the fly. Finale can learn specific product info such as batch ID, lot ID, or expiry dates as you receive your inventory

Stock History

When chain of custody can make or break your research project, Finale Inventory has your back! Our Stock History feature allows you to manage and track your inventory in real time. We store every transaction by user to the minute. Using our reporting features, you can see exactly how materials have been allocated to different departments or projects.


Multi-Location Support

Our software allows you to refine your inventory by location, sublocation, and bin ID, allowing you to understand exactly where your assets are at all times. Instead of wasting time searching for seldom used or unique supplies, our barcode scanning app can direct your employees to the product no matter where it is stored . All transfer transactions are logged to the minute by the user, meaning you have full oversight over what moved where and when by whom.