Back Market Inventory Management

Rethink Refurbished with Back Market and Automate your Inventory Process with Finale

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Back Market is one of the leading marketplaces for renewed devices, fighting the ongoing global battle of e-waste and renewing the trust in reusable electronic devices. The company operates in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the U.K., Austria, and the U.S with over a 1,000 certified sellers. 

The workflow is straightforward, and the quality is guaranteed. Consumers purchase electronic devices directly from certified sellers that are Back Label certified, a rigorous certification process required by Back Market to ensure all products are tested and restored by experts. Each seller offers a minimum of a 12-month warranty for all products, exceeding the high-quality standards and demands of the marketplace.

Finale Inventory delivers its industry standard inventory management solution to your Back Market marketplace. The integration enables users to automate and streamline their inventory management process in a seamless workflow, updating quantity changes resulting from a stock operation, like receiving a purchase order shipment or shipping an order, to your Back Market listing within five minutes to ensure accuracy and prevent overselling.


Configuration Options

Finale has the ability to manage your Back Market inventory with two configuration options: a direction connection or a shipping solution connection with ShipStation or your shipping software.

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The Direct Connection

The first configuration option is a direct connection between your Back Market listing and Finale Inventory. Back Market orders are automatically synced to Finale, allowing Finale to record the necessary stock adjustments. Finale, then, pushes those stock updates back to your marketplaces.

Shipping Solution Connection

If you are leveraging ShipStation or another supported shipping solution for your fulfillment needs, Finale Inventory's Back Market Integration creates a seamless connection between inventory management and shipping, and Finale can easily be added to your ShipStation integration without changing anything about your existing shipping process.

The workflow is similar to the direct connection option with Finale pushing stock updates to your marketplaces. The only difference is Finale pulling your order information from ShipStation.

Back Market Shipping Flow Chart

Benefits of choosing Finale Inventory

Pushing quantities to marketplaces

Auto Update Your Back Market Listings

Finale will manage customer orders from Back Market and other channels, keeping track of all stock levels and auto-updating those levels as they change every five minutes.

Multiple SKU Support for Singular Product ID

It is not uncommon to have multiple SKUs for the same product across different marketplaces and different listings. Finale Inventory is able to map all of these different SKUs as product lookups associated to a single unique Product ID in Finale, always ensuring inventory integrity and accuracy.

Marketplace SKU variations
Shipping high volume orders.

High Transaction Volume Capability

Finale can support over one million transactions per month, and we are continuously scaling our architecture to support even higher volumes. In addition, Finale offers barcode scanning to help support those higher volume challenges and streamline your inventory processes.

Restock Forecasting

Finale is able to leverage the sales velocity of a product and calculate dynamic reorder points based on your inputs (supplier lead time, safety stock needs, and expected sales growth) to make smarter, faster purchasing decisions.

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Multiple Warehouse Locations

Support Multiple Shipping Locations

Finale easily manages your inventory across multiple shipping warehouses, providing a simple, hierarchical organization system.

Automate Status Changes

Finale will automate status changes with ShipStation as inventory levels are updated. Orders are typically marked as "on hold" when there are back-ordered products. When those products are received and recorded in Finale, Finale will automatically change the order status from "on hold" to "waiting" in ShipStation.

Retail order picking
person pulling inventory in a warehouse

Avoid Stockouts

Keep your business humming along by creating product count thresholds to streamline the reordering process and avoid costly stockouts.