Barcode Arena

Barcode Arena provides a variety of barcode scanners and label printers preloaded with Finale Inventory software. With over 20 years of experience, Barcode Arena provides trusted hardware for your barcoding needs.

Utilize the seamless integration between Barcode Arena and Finale Inventory to advance your barcoding and warehouse management. The implementation of a mobile barcoding system transforms the accuracy and efficiency of your operations.

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Upgrade your warehouse management


Seamlessly integrate

Experience out-of-the-box Finale Inventory compatibility. Barcode Arena mobile computers come pre-loaded with all the software applications required to configure, deploy, and connect to Finale Inventory.


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Gain efficiency 

See improved picking accuracy and product forecasting.  Tracking by lot, serial number and expiration date. Gain warehouse efficiency without needing a consultant.


Recieve lifetime product support

1-year limited warranty. US-based repairs are available for fast service and quality assessment. Pay only for the individual part replaced.

Working with Barcode Arena

Barcode Arena is your scanner specialist to provide purchase satisfaction, confident installation, and on-demand technical support.

Cost: Scanners ranging from $399 to $649 a unit. Your purchase ships within 48 hours. 

Customer Support: Contact support via phone at 844-835-8411 or email

Onboarding: Intelligent buying advice available on demand. After purchase support available for successful set-up