Finale complies with Bill of Lading regulatory changes

Members of the American Pyrotechnics Association have alerted us that the common practice of including a packing list or manifest with EX numbers as a separate document from the shipping paper (Bill of Lading) is not considered correct by the US DOT.  EX numbers may be marked on the carton or on the shipping paper.  If the EX numbers are on the shipping paper, they must be listed on the shipping paper immediately following the Basic Description.

This is a change from previous practice for many companies, and will require changes to the way the Bill of Lading is prepared to gather and include the additional information.

Finale Inventory has already been updated to comply with the new regulatory interpretation.  Finale will generate a Bill of Lading with all EX numbers in the shipment listed correctly next to the Basic Description.  Examples of a Bill of Lading created in Finale have been circulated to US DOT and they have indicated the example complies with the letter and the spirit of the law.

The Finale team can help you stay compliant – send email to [email protected] or use the phone number at the top of screen to find out where to begin.

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