Refurbished Electronics Inventory Management

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Refurbished electronics inventory management is a very complex business.  Being able to see what you have in your inventory and where each device is throughout the refurbishment process can quickly become a painstaking process without a reliable inventory management  solution like Finale Inventory. Our cloud-based, integrated WMS system allows you to run your business more effectively by streamlining the processes for you and your warehouse team. Implementing efficient processes in your warehouse will not just save you time and money, but it will also allow you to grow to unprecedented heights!  Gain control of your inventory and increase sales with tools designed with your scalability in mind.

Benefits of Finale Inventory for Refurbished Electronics

When it comes to refurbished electronics inventory management, there are several key features that every successful business, such as serialized inventory management, barcoding, device grading, etc.  Finale Inventory offers a flexible solution for refurbished electronics inventory management that has all of these features for increasing sales and monitoring your inventory.

Serialized Inventory

IMEI and serial traceability is important to establish from the moment the product is received into the warehouse, establishing a historical record of who the product was received from, where it is located at any given time in your warehouse, and allows you to accurately account for your inventory.

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Refurbished devices are typically brought in in bulk and then sent to various departments to begin the quality check process. Whether the device is routed to a cleaning station, a technician’s station, or a storage location, tracking the device by IMEI or serial number can help you know what physical inventory you have in your warehouse. 

This process can be especially useful when verifying the correct device is being sold, shipped and in the event of a return, that this same device is also being brought back into your warehouse.


Barcode Scanning

The barcode scanner is an efficient tool that can help bring accountability, traceability, and accuracy to your everyday operations. 

Receiving: Finale Inventory’s mobile barcode scanner can learn barcodes, and associate them to a specific product ID or SKU. When receiving a shipment, you can quickly scan the products in and allocate the received items to a specific product, and can be directed to a specified location to start the refurbishment process.  

Grading devices: Once the device has been received and gone through the appropriate check in and cleaning process, it is now time to send specified devices to technicians for evaluation, refurbishment, grading, and finally moved into sellable inventory. The use of the mobile barcode 

scanner will allow real time tracking of the device, through stock transfers and changing the item state to notate the device is now ready to be listed for sale. 

Order fulfillment: When an order is placed for a specific device, Finale’s barcode scanner will guide the fulfillment team where the device is located in the warehouse, once the picker picks the device and scans the barcode, the barcode scanner will tell the picker if what was scanned matches the order or not. Similarly, if the customer needs to return the device for any reason, scanning the device back in upon return will validate the same product you shipped out was in fact returned.


Multi-Warehouse and Warehouse Tracking

A major part of refurbished electronics inventory management is an effective WMS (warehouse management system).  This is where Finale Inventory shines.  Finale has a robust WMS solution, able to provide accurate details of not just what you have in inventory, but also where in the warehouse it is.

Finale often refers to Bin Location, or Warehouse Location as the Sublocation. The sublocation can refer to a specific area in the warehouse, and can be narrowed down to Aisle, Rack, Shelf, Bin. As devices are moved throughout your warehouse and are allocated to various sales orders, Finale will keep track of what is where, and the quantities being reserved for open sales orders, and gauge when you need to purchase another batch of devices.


Product Grading and Attribute Management

Finale encourages the use of custom fields to further identify and categorize your products so you always know what the specifics of a product is rather than having to guess or be unsure upon listing the device. 

  • Grade: Some businesses may opt to buy pre-graded devices, while others might choose to test and grade the devices themselves. Grading your devices before listing them for sale is important to ensure the quality and condition of the device matches what your customer wants. 
  • Make & Model: Brand classification, and device model information is important to keep track of. Finale makes it easy to bulk import this information into the product details page.Man repairing a phone
  • Device Type: Cell phones, laptops, desktop, gaming systems, smart watches, with more and more technology being added to our everyday lives, there is an increased demand for refurbished devices across many categories.

There are no limits to the number of custom fields that can be created in Finale, which makes fine tuning the data you store on each product customizable to your unique business needs.

Custom field data can be pulled into almost any area of Finale, making the visibility of the item's specification easy to find.


Alias Sku Mapping

Every refurbished electronics reseller knows that online selling platforms tend to have many different listings of the same item, resulting in different listing skus for the same product. If you have multiple of the same type of device with various IMEI or serial numbers, through the use of alias sku mapping, Finale will be able to match all the variations of a device's sku back to a single Product ID, ensuring accurate stock quantities. IMEI and serial numbers can also serve as a way to identify a specific device that can be linked back to a specific Product ID.