Changing Document Colors

Effortlessly customize and personalize your documents in Finale to match your brand. Finale makes it easy for you to set the color of your purchase orders, sales orders, and other documents to the color of your choice. This results in your documents always being cohesive and identifiable

Please watch the video to learn how to change your document colors in Finale. 

How to Change the Color of Your Document Headers 

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Changing Document Colors video transcription 

Hi, this is Madison with Finale Inventory. And today I’m going to show you how to change the color of your document headers. If you could please navigate to your application settings by clicking this gear icon in the top right hand corner and selecting application settings.

Under the company info, tap in your application settings, you’ll see an area to add your company logo directly underneath that area. You will see the option to add your company color. This is where you can choose the color of your document headers.

Currently mine set to this blue color, but if you click on that box, you were able to select which color you’d like. And. You can even enter in the hex color code. If you know that here is an example of what the current color looks like on a purchase order document, you can see the blue color in boxes and in the purchase order text, if you like to change the color to, for example, green, we can go down here and select green, choose the shade of green.

You’d like select that hit the X save changes. Now when you print a purchase order or any other document in finale, it will print with the updated color selection with the green header and the green document boxes. If you have any questions, please reach out to Thank you.