Creating Product Lookups

This video shows the process of creating a product lookup in the software. Finale makes it easy to create product lookups to a product id to associate an alias SKUs or UPC code to a product id.

deleting or removing product lookups

See the video below for instruction:

Creating Product Lookups

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Michael Laham with finale inventory in today’s video, we’re gonna discuss how and why you would create product lookups in Finale. First, let’s start off by talking about what a product lookup actually is. A product lookup is a simple alias SKU or identifier that points to a product ID and lot ID combination in Finale.

So, what is a product lookup used for? We use product lookups to map a marketplace or selling channel listing SKU to your inventory, product ID in Finale. We also use it to link barcode or UPC values to your product IDs. Finale also has a thing called packing. So if you sell, you know, in packs of two or three of a item, we’re able to also track that with product lookups and it is also used to tell finale where your SKU is listed to enable stock level pushbacks for integrations.

So you might be asking why do I need product lookups? Well, when you have different SKUS on different marketplaces and selling channels, the product lookup actually functions as a way to map them all back to a single product ID inside a finale. If you want to use the mobile barcode scanner, you also must use product lookups.

The product lookup works as a value for the barcode, and that’s what links it back to the product ID when you’re scanning. So in today’s video, I’m going to show you how to create product lookups. They can be done manually one by one via the product lookup screen. You can also import them from a spreadsheet and they also happen automatically, if you have integrations connected and you have product imports enabled

So let’s navigate to the Finale home screen and first I’m gonna show you where we find our product lookups. So I’m going to go into my a-100 SKU. These are my green apples, and I’m gonna scroll all the way down to the bottom and find my product lookups. So here I have four lookups associated with my A-100 SKU.

So first I want to show you how we create product lookups manually. We’re going to scroll up here to create and product lookup. And on this screen is where we create our product lookups. So here on our product lookups screen, let’s say that we’re selling red shirts that are large.

We’re going to type in red shirt, large. And find the corresponding product idea. I know that that is R-100, that’s my red shirt. Let’s also say that we’re selling this shirt on Amazon. We’re going to go into our stores and connect this product. Look up our Amazon store. And all we’re going to do here is click the blue button to create the product look up. And that’s all you need to do to manually create a product lookup. It’s that easy.

So from here, let’s navigate back to the home screen. And this time we’re going tp import some product lookups. So we’re going to go to the top right and find our import tab and scroll down to product lookups. So on this import screen, it functions the same as any other in Finale. So we’ll need to create a spreadsheet and then take the data from the spreadsheet and drop it into Finale. I’ve already created a spreadsheet. So we see here that we have our two columns, our product ID and product lookup in green. They’re green cause they’re the only two columns we need to import product lookups into Finale.

So we see here, we have all of our IDs we already have set in Finale and these are our new lookups that we’re going to be importing. I also have packing notes and stores to add, let me go over packing cause I haven’t had a chance to discuss this yet. Packing simply is a way for our product lookups to function as a multipack.

So instead of creating a new SKU for AC-103, this a three-pack, we have this new lookup that is a pack of phone cases, which just tells us, if we’re looking for a pack of phone cases to grab three of AC-103, and that’s how packing works. We also have our notes here and our stores to add that are gonna be adding Amazon to two of these new product lookups.

So from here, let’s copy all of our data. And then head to Finale and just drop it in like normal.

So we see here that yes, we’re creating five new product lookups. So that’s what the screen means. And the associated product IDs are correct. We’re adding our packing for our pack of phone cases and our notes and our stores. So we’re going to go ahead and begin this import by clicking the blue button.

We’re going to confirm everything, make sure that everything looks right and we’re going to start the import, going to give that a little bit of time to complete. And yeah, we can just head into our new product lookups. And let’s type in a pack of. Okay. So yeah, we see here that our AC-103 has been imported properly.

We see here that the packing has been added as well, and that Amazon has been added as a store. So our import went successfully and that will conclude how to create and import product, lookups in Finale. Please visit for any questions or inquiries. Thank you.