Importing shipments for sales order or purchase orders.

Finale is designed to flexible and adaptable to be able to be applied to number of inventory application to ensure smooth running business operations.  For sales orders and purchase orders, shipments can be completed by importing shipments by copying and pasting from Excel.  This is helpful for customers who use lots or serial number for their products, and their vendors supply the shipment information with an Excel file.

importing shipments

Importing Shipments for sale order or purchase order

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Jacie with Finale Inventory. Today, we are talking about importing shipment details into an order. Now, this process will be the same, whether it is purchase order or a sales order. Today, I’m going to be showing you on the purchase order screen. This process is really helpful if you have serialized inventory or lot IDs, and you’re not using our barcode scanner, it’ll help you bulk import all of this information.

So here we have our purchase. We have these journals and these pens on order and if we go into the shipment tab here, you can see here is an editable shipment, and this is important. It does have to be in an editable status. And then all you have to do is go to actions and import the purchase shipment.

This will take us to the import screen and it’ll tell us the column titles that we can import into the screen. I’ve already prepared a spreadsheet here so we can see our products listed, the quantities, the lot IDs, if there are any, and then the sub location we will be distributing these products into.

All I will do is copy this information, click in the box and paste it here. We get a nice summary of what will happen next. It says we’re importing three lines. That’s what we’re trying to do so that’s a great sign. If any of the column headers don’t map for you, you can go ahead and map it at this point.

Otherwise, just click next and commit here. You can see our shipment is reflected in our purchase order, and if I hit the dropdown, we can see how those lots were attributed. Last step is to receive the shipment and we can go into our view stock here. I refined for our products and you can see exactly where those lots are reflected for both of the products.

That is importing the shipment details into a purchase order. If you have any questions following this tutorial, please do not hesitate to reach out. We can be reached at