Order by the Case and Receive into Eaches

A common scenario for retailers is to purchase units by the cases and then break apart the case to sell the products as individual units.  This video shows how to order by the case and receive into eaches using our software. This shows how to achieve it using the barcode scanner.

Order by the Case and Receive into Eaches

See the video below for instruction:

Order by the Case and Receive into Eaches

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Video Transcription

Hello, this is Mike, Finale Inventory. I’m gonna give you a short demonstration on how to place an order in case quantities and receive it into open stock. Now, this is using the barcode scanner. So, follow along with me here. Let’s switch to Finale Inventory. I’m gonna show you that…let’s look at the stock levels real quick. I’ve got apple pies here, and I have them both in “Open stock” here and in “Case stock.” And if I was to look at them in detail, I’ve got cases of six of the apple pie. So I have two cases of six and three in Open stock, so three eaches. So, what would happen if I placed an order, let’s say for 10 cases and I have to order them by the case? But, you know, when I receive them in, I want them to be received into the eaches.

Okay. So, I want to receive them into here. So, let’s see how he’d actually accomplished that. So, I’ve got a purchase right here already, and this PO has got the apple pies on there. And you can see that it’s got 10 boxes, so that means that really, if we receive these in as eaches, then that would be 60 pies coming in into each column. So, where would we begin? Well, let’s use the barcode scanner. So, of course, it would help if we printed a purchase order real quick. So we’re gonna print the PO. So, we have the barcode at the top, so we can use the barcode scanner to pick up this order. So, now that we’ve got a order that we can scan, I’m going to go to the barcode scanner, and I’m going to connect with it to start to order by the case and receive into eaches.

I’m gonna make sure that my barcode scanner has my latest purchase order on there. So, I’m syncing it down. And now that I’ve got it on there, let’s pull up the barcode scanner. And I’m also going to show you my camera here. So, from the barcode scanner, we’re going to want to select the receive function. So, I’ve got my PO here, so I know that I got the right order. And on the scanner there, I’ll just press the receive function, and I’m gonna scan that order ID right there. So, it’s going to say, “Hey, where are you gonna receive these pies?” Well, let’s receive these pies into A08, which is my little bin right here. Now, it tells me to scan the items to receive. So, of course, I’ve got my handy barcode here from my case of apple pies.

So, one of the things is I’m gonna to need to change it from eaches to cases. So I’m gonna change that function to “case “there, and I’m going to scan my apple pie barcode. So, that’s my case of barcodes. And I’m going to say, “Hey, I’m going to receive in 10 cases.” So I’m going to type in that I’m receiving in 10, and hit “Enter.” Okay, so we’ve received all 10 of the cases of apples. So, look down there on the very bottom and it says, “10 of 10 cases of 6/1.” I can also review and see that I’ve scanned in, or received in 10 boxes of apple pie. Now, if I want to send this to the Cloud, but I want to send it in eaches, all I got to do is change a setting on the scanner. So I’m going to go to the “more” and then go to “more settings.” And down here, setting number…I believe it is 28.

Do you see where it says, “Convert to eaches?” So, I’m going to convert those to eaches, all right? So now when that comes up to the Cloud, it’s going to go into the eaches. So, we’ll simply dock with this and look how that automatically converted it to 60. So, if I say, “Receive,” it’s going up, and that should go right into my eaches. So, if I go take a look at my stock levels, you’ll see that I now have 63, and all I did was scan that 10 cases and it went right into my eaches. That’s as simple as it is to order by the case and receive into eaches.